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Deep Purple with Tony Edwards

updated November 19th 2010

Tony Edwards

Come Taste The Band

June 25th 2010

Come Taste The Band remaster
Progress report

Deep Purple - Knebworth 1985

August 15th 2010

The Knebworth Fayre 1985

jon lord

May 23rd 2010

Jon Lord and the classics: Windows and Sarabande

Hughes Thrall

May 30th 2010

Hughes Thrall

Episode Six

May 9th 2010

Ian Gillan and Roger Glover
pre-Deep Purple

Deep Purple 1969

May 16th 2010

Jon Lord and the classics: Concerto For Group & Orchestra & Gemini Suite

Deep Purple single advert, 1971

April 18th 2010

Deep Purple
UK singles and EPs 1968-80

Tommy Bolin

May 3rd 2010

The Tommy Bolin story

Jon Lord, 1967

March 28th 2010

Jon Lord
pre-Deep Purple

The Maze

March 21st 2010

Rod Evans and Ian Paice
pre-Deep Purple

Deep Purple Mk4

March 12th 2010

Deep Purple Mk4 chronology
May 1975 - March 1976

Deep Purple mk3
February 28th 2010

Deep Purple Mk3 chronology
May 1974 - April 1975

deep purple - serbia 2006
February 7th 2010

Deep Purple
Belgrade 1975-2006, reviews, images and memorabilia

ian gillan and roger glover, 1985
February 5th 2010

The Deep Purple reunion, part three, July-December 1985
deep purple - malaysia
September 13th 2009

Deep Purple / Gillan
Malaysia 1982-2001

The Crave

December 4th 2009

The Crave
Deep Purple 2009 UK tour support
tour diary

jon lord - knebworth 1985

July 13th 2009

The Deep Purple reunion, part two, January-June 1985

Montreux Casino in flames 1971
September 14th 2009

Deep Purple
Smoke On The Water
Deep Purple poster
February 7th 2009

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ritchie blackmore 1984
July 12th 2009

The Deep Purple reunion, part one
April-December 1984
Deep Purple - Stormbringer
November 29th 2008

Deep Purple
Stormbringer remaster
progress report

Phil Easton
February 8th 2009

Phil Easton tributes
Jon Lord
March 10th 2007

Jon Lord radio interview,
December 2006

Ian Gillan live in 2007
May 25th 2007

Ian Gillan & Ian Paice Interview
with Simon Copeland
from The Sun

Alan Freeman BBC Radio DJ

November 30 2006

A farewell to Alan Freeman

Bernie Marsen - Whitesnake

November 27 2006

2006 Bernie Marsden Interview
with Fiona McKeown
Deep Purple live in Montreux 2006
April 2006

Deep Purple
Live In Montreux 1996
initial sleeve notes
Ian Paice 1974
September 19 2006

Deep Purple
Live In London 1974 remaster
progress reports
Joe Lynn Turner 1991
February 2005

Joe Lynn Turner interview
Ian Gillan recording Gillan's Inn
April 2006

Ian Gillan interview
March 13th 2006
John Peel
October 2004

Farewell John Peel
Deep Purple - Knebworth 1085
June 2005

June 22nd 1985
Knebworth memorabilia
Ritchie Blackmore 1985
May 2005

Ritchie Blackmore's
greatest guitar golos
Derek Lawrence
May 2003

DPAS Derek Lawrence
Tommy Bolin with Deep Purple
December 2004

Tommy Bolin 1975 interview
Bernie Marsden - Whitesnake
May 2005

Bernie Marsden interview
with MetalUK covering
PAL, Whitesnake etc
Blackmore's Night
November 2003

Ritchie Blackmore
& Candice Night interview
Space shuttle Columbia
February 2003

A personal reaction to the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy.
Abbey Road studio
May 2003

Deep Purple
Early Days 1968-1969
Abbey Road Studio Report
Joe Lynn Turner with Deep Purple 1991
January 2003

The DPAS Joe Lynn Turner
Jon Lord, Australia 2003
February 2003

Jon Lord q&a session
at Sydney Opera House.
Parts One & Two
Roger Glover
August 2002

Roger Glover's letter to Deep Purple fans on the 'net,
and a plug for Snapshot
Deep Purple live in India 2002
May 2002

Ian Gillan Interview
courtesy of the Mid-Day Newspaper, Mumbai, India
Jon Lord 1968
December 2002

Unedited Mojo magazine article concentrating on the formation of Deep Purple
Georhe Harrison
December 2001

George Harrison, a Deep Purple
family friend
Deep Purple 2001
March 2002

Roger Glover's letter explaining
Jon Lord's departure from Deep Purple