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Around the world with Deep Purple & family

Jon Lord 2009 Deep Purple 2008
Carlos Nuñez with Steve Morse, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 2008
Carlos with Jon Lord, Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2009 Carlos with Roger Glover and Ian Paice, Estepona, Spain, September 2008
Ian Gillan 2008 Doan Airey 2008 Jon Lord - Paraguay flag
Carlos with Ian Gillan, Estepona, Spain, September 2008 Carlos with Don Airey, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 2008 Jon Lord with the flag of Carlos' home country, Paraguay

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Dirk's Deep Purple tour page. With gig lists and lots of scanned memorabilia. new
The Spanish DP fan forum. 
250+ members, based in South America. The official title is: La comunidad Purpura de Habla Hispana (in English: The Community of the Purple Spanish Speakers)
Joe Lynn Turner, Argentinian Fan Site.
Blackmore's Night fan site / blog, text in English & Norwegian, run by Ole Svela
Glenn Hughes, Argentinian Fan Site.
Deep Purple. German language website.
Deep Purple, Rapture Of The Deep tour. Czech language site.
Whitesnake. Attractive Italian language site.
Glenn Hughes. 'The Italian Funk Lab'. Very nice site!
'Gillan The Hero'. A site devoted to Sabbath's Born Again album. 
Deep Purple. Danish language website.
"Blackmore's Night Official Scandinavian Fan Club"
Deep Purple. Italian Deep Purple Website & Fan Forum
Deep Purple. Niko Vidgren's Deep Purple Fan Forum
GMT. Torme & McCoy Forum. Catch it while it's there!
Deep Purple. Jorg Planer's German Language News Site
Manfred Stoffer's Excellent Deep Purple Tour Photographs MuM.Stoffer
Deep Purple. Jeffrey Jarema's EMI Box Set Review
David Coverdale & Whitesnake (In German)
The-Fuze.Com. A selection of excellent Deep Purple & family Interviews
(including Glenn Hughes, Bernie Torme, Johnny Bolin and Bob Daisley)
Ritchie Blackmore, German Fan Club
Led's Concert Reviews, including Deep Purple!
Frank Schuermann's 2002 Deep Purple & family Interviews (in German)  
Frank Schuermann's 2002 Deep Purple & family Live Photos 
'Purpendicular Weblog'. Deep Purple features, news and links. (in Portuguese)
Stuart Hamilton's 'Deep Purple Picks' Blog. Interesting choices! metal4life
A Deep Purple Tribute Band / Fan Club Site ' Yahoo Group. Gypsies Kiss
Ritchie Blackmore Fans In Lincolnshire This club is run by Mike Garrett and organises trips to see Blackmore's Night, Deep Purple and Blackmore-inspired Tribute Bands. He also hosts a small social gathering for local fans on the LAST MONDAY of the month at the "The Tap and Spile" pub (Hungate, Lincoln) starting at 8.30pm. Mike also publishes the "Black Knight" fanzine. Tel: 01522 528519 (Mike Garrett). Email:
Website: Lincolnshire/

deep purple tribute bands

The Purple Project
The Purple Project
The Purple Project  [UK]

UK-based classic rock act ‘The Purple Project’ continue their mission to keep classic Deep Purple alive with an up-coming show at the West County’s renowned ‘Wharf’ venue in Tavistock, Devon, on Saturday 26th November 2011.

Over the years the band has built a solid reputation for delivering blistering shows to audiences in the UK and Europe – including appearances at the Harley Davidson Bike Festivals in Faaker See, Austria, and St Tropez, France. The band was also engaged to play for an unofficial after-show party in Cork, Ireland, when Deep Purple played in the town last year. Band members have appeared on stage and worked with Doogie White, Nick Simper, Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody.

The Purple Project's two-hour show covers material from Deep Purple's extensive album back-catalogue, including live favourites as well as a few classic tracks not so often heard live in concert, such as 'Stormbringer' and 'Perfect Strangers'.
The Purple Project are playing at The Wharf, Tavistock, on Saturday 26th November. Tickets: £10 in advance or £12 after 6pm on the night.

demon's eye

Demon's Eye (Germany)

Deep Purple tribute band Demon's Eye have recorded an album with Doogie White on vocals. THE STRANGER WITHIN will be released on the 18th of March, 2011. The band have also lined up six German dates with Doogie for April 2011.Demon's Eye have previously played shows with both Jon Lord and Ian Paice.

Shades of Purple

Shades Of Purple (Switzerland)

Shades of Purple are a Swiss Deep Purple tribute band founded in May 2008. Each of the five musicians can draw on over 20 years of musical experience.

"Shades of Purple stand for authenticity and unbridled power."

Speed King - Deep Purple tribute Speed King  [France]

Deep Purple tribute act from France.
For more information visit:

Shades of Deep Purple Shades of Deep Purple  [Australia]

"Shades Of Deep Purple" gigs appear at our main website at and on YouTube at"
Purpendicular Purpendicular  [Europe]
"This new European Tribute to Deep Purple was formed by frontman / vocalist Robby Thomas Walsh after the demise of Demons Eye (German Deep Purple Tribute):
Robby and Stoffi (Hammond Organ) have toured with Ian Paice from 2002
till present on several small European tours.
The band toured Europe with Ian Paice in December 2008.
Axe Attack Axe Attack  [UK]
Neil Priddey of the former tribute band Deepest Purple has got a new  covers band going called Axe Attack. The do the whole gammut of 70s and 80s rock, including amongst their material tracks by Deep Purple,  Gillan, Rainbow and Whitesnake. Rather than a web site they have a  blog going, keeping people up to date. Extra house-points for the great pastiche of those K-tel covers albums for their new poster design!

Deeply Purple Deeply Purple [UK]
"No fan of Deep Purple leaves our gigs disappointed! We take great pride in faithfully reproduced every facet of Deep Purple's music and performance, and then some. We concentrate on the classic age of DP (70-75). There are a whole bunch of live videoclips on our website that are relatively quick to download and really speak for themselves!"
A Taste of Purple A Taste Of Purple  [UK]
Deep Purple Tribute band based in the midlands.
Pure Purple Pure Purple  [UK]
Deep Purple Tribute band based in the midlands.
Deep Purple Experience   The Deep Purple Experience [Australia]
"Hi is a poster of the 26.4.04 State Theatre Sydney show! And our "other" part-time project - The Deep Purple Experience, will be indulging in a spot of fun at Paddy Maguire's Pub - Just next door to The Lyric Theatre concerts - 20, 21 & 22nd April straight after the DP gigs.....people can listen to the songs this Deep Purple DON'T do! (done really well too!)...and more!! We are fully endorsed and supported by the Deep Purple Downunder Fan Club, and are of course supporting DP at the State Theatre shows (as our originals band Mandrake) with Rose Tattoo. Many Regards & Thanks! Conrad Passas"