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steve morse doogie white
Kit (from Austria, complete with DP Rugrats t-shirt?) with Steve Morse, backstage in BENEDIKTBEUERN 03.August 2008. Anestis Ladopoulos with ex Rainbow singer Doogie White, at Doogie's show in Athens, December 5th 2008 David Coverdale and Birgir Kofoed at DC's hotel in Copenhagen on June 13th 2008
steve morse
From Deep Purple's Aug.14 2004 show at the FleetPavilion in Boston, MA. Steve with Maryssa Caseau. "Does this count as DP material?" Yes, it sure does. Satch with Maryssa & Meghan (Caseau). Ian Paice with Tony & Jerry Fielden
in Canada 2005
Marcia and Carol Malvezi with a very happy looking Roger Glover,
Sao Paulo, Sept 20th 2003.
Don Airey gets carried out of a carpark in Piberstein, August 2003,
by Lisa and Tina.
Sao Paulo, Sept 10th 2003.
Ian with Vitao Bonesso
....Shane Greene with Steve Morse.. ....Alan Greene with Ian Paice,
Dublin 2003
Michael & Shane Greene
with Big Ian, Dublin 2003
Meghan Caseau with Steve Morse,
back-stage at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield MA, June 16th 2001.
DPAS man Richard Gillitt gets his Buffy doll signed in Harrogate, Feb 2002.
Pic: copyright Manfred Stoffer
"It was a spur of the moment thing, don't blame me for my actions. Gillan looks suitably peeved. Taken in Brisbane on 15/3/01" Tom Bradbury
When he isn't raiding sci-fi conventions, Richard Gillitt is Purpleing - and is seen here leaning on Ian Paice outside the Harrogate Centre on the UK 2002 tour. Despite the crowds at the NEC in 2002, Ian Gillan found time to autograph programmes for Alex Shaw (left) and Andrew Richards (centre). These two suspicious looking characters were spotting lurking outside the Liverpool Empire on the 2002 UK tour, where they gave their names as Vince Chong and
Simon Robinson.
Left, Mike Richards gets his programme autographed by Roger while Nigel Young looks on. NEC 2002 Canadian dpas man Vince Chong wasn't going to miss the 2002 UK shows for anything and braved the trip despite knee surgery. dpas man Volodymyr Drybushchak
(on the left) is chuffed when
Steve Morse asks him for an autograph after one of the 2002 Russian gigs!
"Plymouth 2002, after we 'bridged the gap' and made it front of stage. Pic by Stathis. Cheers, Tonny Steenhagen. Vitali, Roger, Ronnie, and some other bloke show off their tour passes and stickers. Nice collection. DPDU member Tony Bailey, his twin brother, and Roger Glover, backstage at Deep Purple`s 2001 Melbourne concert.
."Just a quick thought. The photo of Jon Lord and Steve Cole is in fact the last photo of Jon while a member of DP. After the photo was taken, Jon said goodbye to the band on their bus, got into a taxi and drove away from DP." Michael Richards Vitali from Berlin with Jon & Ian at the Tony Ashton Memorial Show, 2001. Recovering just after the awesome Sheffield show in 2002. l-r Vince Chong, Martin Ashberry, Mike Richards, Steve Cole,
and some long-haired hippy. Will they make a dash for the drum kit?
'Are all your family eccentrics?' asked Ian Gillan, presented with a paper model by British Origami Society bigwig Nick Robinson in Sheffield, 2002. 'Fraid so Ian! Stephan Waldhart with Don Airey,
Vienna, 2003
Joe Caiola with Ian Paice,
August 15th 2004,
Jones Beach, USA
Ketil Michelsen and Ian Gillan in Gothenburg, November 27th 2003 Deepest Purple meet Deep Purple.
Will the real Roger Glover
please stand up?
Frankfurt 2003.
Michael McMillan with Roger Glover
Ian Gillan with Joanna Smale, and guitarist Jeff Healey, Canada 2005 Istanbul, July 2005.
Zafer Yesilirmak with Ian Gillan.
Istanbul, July 2005. Sanem Olcer and Korhan Olcer with Steve Morse.
Istanbul, July 2005. Zafer Yesilirmak, Taręk Burcoglu, Sanem Olcer, and Mecbure Burcoglu with Don Airey. Debbie & Charlie Jeffreys with Nick Simper at a Good Old Boys show, London 2005 Ian Gillan with Anestis Ladopoulos, Thessaloniki, July 2005
Kentucky, June 2005. Tracy Heyder having his backstage pass signed by Don Milwaukee, June 2005. Ron SImon backstage at his 13th Deep Purple show since 1985 "Strange woman gets stuck on singer's face" (!) Brighton 2004. Gadzooks.....
Good Old Boys Allan Barratt and Nick Simper with one of a group of Austrian fans who travelled to their show in Godmanchester, August 2005 Matt Filippini and Ian Paice during recording sesions for the Moonstone Project, September 2005 Inga Grabowicz with Steve Morse.
Taken before the show in Katowice on
24th Feb 2006.
Superfit Ian Gillan manages to carry three fans (Katie, Didi, and Peter) on his back at once. Osnabruck in 2006. Dortmund, February 2006.
Peter Rossen with Steve Morse
Milan, March 2006.
Ian Gillan with Lorenzo Ferrari
Vienna, June 26th 2006. Ex-Rainbow members Chuck Bürgi (above) and David Rosenthal, both on tour in Billy Joel's band, had their pictures taken with Chris. "It was a great gig and an unforgettable evening. They are really, really nice guys and we want to say - thank you !!" Vienna, June 26th 2006. Ex-Rainbow keyboard player David Rosenthal holding a rather appealing copy of Rainbow's 'Finyl Vimyl' album, complete with autographs in silver ink! photo: Chris Melbourne, April 29th 2006. Mike Burrows with Steve Morse
Ian Paice and Paul Gingerich make final preparations for their legendary bank heist. Canada, 2006. Michael Richards with El Rog and Andrew Richards during Deep Purple's 2007 UK tour.
Ritchie tries to explain the intricacies of medieval garb backstage at Buxton to his former Deep Purple manager Tony Edwards! photo: Carole Stevens.
Richard Gillitt (looking uncannily like the editor of The Independent newspaper) explaining the finer points of paradiddles to Ian Paice, backstage at Tom's Live Music Venue, Treforest, March 2007.
Photograph by 'Splodge'.
Chris Schoen has his Good Old Boys t-shirt poked by Simon Bishop, Alan Barratt and Richard Hudson. Ian Gillan, superglued cheek to cheek with journalist Debbie Bennett at Birmingham NEC on May 3rd 2007.
Glenn Hughes with Anestis Ladopoulos.
Manfred Stoffer with Ian Gillan.
Liege, November 19th 2007
Krista Weldon with Roger Glover.
Houston, Texas, August 24th 2007.
Aharon Mikel. "Here' s my photo with Ronnie James Dio, taken back-stage
in Tel Aviv, Israel, 29/10/2005"
Ian Gillan put in the shade by Bonnie McKannon and Elizabeth Fyre, Montreal 2007 DPAS member Harry Heathman with the whole band on their last American date of the Bananas Tour 2004.
Ralph Grille with Graham Bonnet
Germany, April 2008
Keith Thompson has emailed to point out that Glenn's show in Liverpool is actually his first in the city since that fateful Deep Purple show back in March 1976. Indeed it's so long since he's been there, that Keith bought Glenn an A-Z to make sure he finds the hall. Sadly they seem to have been sold a dummy, as they ended up in Budapest instead - and sent us a photograph to prove it! Luke and Tim Summers have a family photograph gatecrashed by a bunch of backstage pass wearing hooligans during Deep Purple's 2007 UK tour.
Andy Szczepanik with Gillan guitarist Bernie Torme, at the Deep Purple Convention in Bedford, 2008 Andy Szczepanik (who gets around a bit!) with Glenn Hughes, at the Deep Purple Convention in Bedford, 2008 DPAS member Mike Wolfe with the whole band on their last American date of the Bananas Tour 2004.
Andy Szczepanik with Rainbow singer Dougie White, at the Deep Purple Convention in Bedford, 2008 Andy Szczepanik, on a round trip from Canada, with Nick Simper at the Deep Purple Convention in Bedford, 2008 Anestis Ladopoulos with Blackmore's Night drummer Malcolm Dick. Cesky Krumlow, June 2008.
Montreux, July 2008.... Ian Paice does look-out while Steve Morse vandalises Denis Zuercher's programme.
Anestis Ladopoulos, fresh from a 22 hour bus trip, with Blackmore's Night keyboard player David Baranowski David Coverdale and Jean Kristensen at DC's hotel in Copenhagen on June 13th 2008
ian paice ian gillan steve morse
Ian Paice and Ian Paice's towel, with Ralph Grille, Innsbruck, December 2008 Montreux, July 2008.... Sandra is delighted to find a cardboard cut-out of Ian Gillan. Iain Marjoram, and Alan Perry (having a turn on the other side of the lens) with Steve Morse, in London 2008
nick simper bernie marsden don airey with fans, Switzerland 2009
Vienna, March 14th 2009.... Lucky ol' Nick Simper with two fans March 2009 - Keith Livingstone and Bernie Marsden after Bernie's storming performance in Dungannon Northern Ireland
Sandra and Denis with Don Airey. Locarno, Switzerland 2009.
graham bonnet, brazil 2009 whitesnake italia 2009 Deep Purple
Graham Bonnet with Albertino Viveiros, Brazil 2009 The Whitesnake Italia gang in Brussels 2009 with Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich Harry and Rita Heathman with Deep Purple, 2004
deep purple 1998 ian gillan
This photo shows Ziya Celayiroğlu with Paice, Glover, Lord taken in the Hyatt Regency in Turkey (their first gigs there) June 1st 1998.
Wiesen, Austria, July 2009. Roger Glover with Cry Free singer Attila, and Andy. Maccydo backstage with Ian Gillan, Prague, May 4th 2009.
Don Airey Steve Morse  
Aharon Mikel with Don Airey, Ancient Caesarea, Israel, May 2011. Aharon Mikel with Steve Morse, Ancient Caesarea, Israel, May 2011.  

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