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Rather than try to include links to every Deep Purple-related site out there, we're just including some of our favourite places to go to -
either because they're useful for news, good to look at, or well put together (and sometimes all three!).
Deep Purple General Sites
Deep Purple Live Index Martin Ashberry's page is great for keeping up with what's available on 'live import' cd, coupled with a gig list including mk.7's exhaustive tours. "Deep Purple's Offical Fan Community website." This is the band's new official site, set-up by a merchandising company (who run many other websites for sport stars and celebrities) with some band input. It's early days yet for this new site in Japan which aims to try and bridge the gap between English and Japanese fans, with information in both languages. It is based (with permission!) on the look of deep- and so far has an illustrated discography of all the current Japanese edition CDs, a 'rare things library' with shots of the limited edition vinyl reissues, and the promise of more to come. "The official Deep Purple site for all press and promoters and anything business related.." It's now unclear who runs this site or what it aims to do, especially since the band took over (ie without the dash!).
Deep Purple
'The Highway Star'
A good source of mk8 tour reviews and snaps. There are archives to dip into containing some interesting bits and pieces.


Deep Purple Members 1968-76
Ritchie Blackmore Very much an official offering, still well worth putting in your faves folder for gig news etc.
Roger Glover Roger's official site, with plenty of input from the man himself.
Jon Lord News website.
Nick Simper Nick SImper website with input from the man himself. Early days, but worth keeping an eye on.
David Coverdale Official site. David regularly takes part in the discussion page.
Glenn Hughes Glenn's official site. Worth a regular visit.
Glenn Hughes Coast To Coast Now merged with Glenn's official site at (listed above)
This site has changed from being a merchandise outlet for the TBA CDs  into a much more informative fan site, with articles, old interviews,  CD news and reviews, and even tutorials on how to learn some of  Tommy's songs, courtesy of guitarist John Herdt, who took over the  site a few years ago and rebuilt it completely. It's nicely put  together, looks good, and has plenty of links to other recommended  places for Bolin fans to go and visit. .
Tommy Bolin
Private Times
Private Times is an e-mail newsletter put together on an occasional basis by the Tommy Bolin Foundation, headed by Art Connor. It is NOT full of advertising, but rather is written by fans, with interviews, stories, reviews and news (contributions are welcome). It is a free service. To sign up for Private Times, send your email address


Deep Purple members 1984 - today
Steve Morse Steve's new official site, with links to his mySpace page. Nice gear page.
Don Airey Don's very Flash official site.
Joe Lynn Turner A good website with involvement from Joe, brimming with news of everything that he's been up to recently. The JLT Fan Club can be contacted from the site.
Joe Satriani Joe's official site.


Deep Purple Fan SItes
Deep Purple - Belgium Diep Peurpel - Belgian DPFC. Postal address: Frankenstraat 36, B-3290 Diest, Belgium. Editor : Marc Brans.
Deep Purple - Made In Italy An excellent site for Italian Deep Purple fans, packed with news and comment. Interesting bits and pieces to catch the eye of other visitors.
Deep Purple - Germany The Aviator - Deep Purple Online Fan Club. Excellent site, packed with news and reviews. Worth visiting. The contact e-mail is
Deep Purple - Russia Great site, full of news and features.  Editor: Dmitry Zykov, e-mail address: WebMaster@Deep-Purple.Ru


Whitesnake and related
Bernie Marsden Bernie's official site.
John Sykes Official site of ex-Whitesnake and current Thin Lizzy guitarist.
Steve Vai Steve Vai's official website.


Gillan and related
Ian Gillan : 'Caramba!' Ian's own site, to which he regularly adds news and info, as well as his infamous stream of consciousness newsletters which are worth a look in their own right! Check out the regular Q&A sessions.
Colin Towns Excellent site, full of information on Colin's hugely successful post-Gillan career.
Mick Underwood Covering Mick's work with The Outlaws, Episode Six, Gillan, and others.


Rainbow and related
Fan Clan Legacy
Great site. Every issue of the 1979-1984 Dutch Rainbow fan club's magazine online, (now in English as well as Dutch!), plus lots of other coverage of Rainbow and it's offshoots, including Blackmore's Night.
Ronnie Dio & Elf Ronnie Dio 'The Early Years'. Brilliant site, covering both Ronnie's Elf and pre-Elf bands, with histories, interviews & stacks of MP3s to download.
Tony Carey Tony's official site.
Cozy Powell Cozy's official site. Cozy began this site just four months before he died in 1998. Joe Siegler has added bits to it, but inevitably it's got a melancholy feel to it. Last updated in 2007.
Bob Daisley Bob's official site, covering a very interesting career.
Graham Bonnet Graham's official site.
David Rosenthal David's official site, he's currently playing keyboards for Billy Joel!
Doogie White The Doog's official site.
Greg Smith Official site of Rainbow's last bass player, currently touring with Over The Rainbow


Associated Musicians
Tony Ashton Site dedicated to Tony's musical career.
Pete York Pete's website. Interesting decor!
Dave La Rue The official site of Steve Morse's long time bass playing sidekick.
Van Romaine The official site of Steve Morse's long time skin bashing sidekick!
Eddie Hardin Official site, with news of his current activities, but not updated too often (just five times in 2007) and badly needs the attentions of a graphic designer!
Bobby Berge Great site with loads of MP3 files of music featuring Tommy Bolin with Bobby on drums. Includes clips of the pre-Teaser Glenholly Jams.
Billy Cobham Official site of the man behind Spectrum.
Alphonse Mouzon Another great drummer, who Tommy Bolin worked with on Mind Transplant.
Carlo Little Worth a visit! Carlo played with Ritchie Blackmore & Nick Simper in Lord Sutch's bands, and Nick Simper & Jon Lord in The Flowerpot Men.
Kansas Official Site of a band with whom Steve Morse recorded two studio albums.
Trapeze MySpace page endorsed by Mel Galley and Glenn Hughes