For many years the QUESTION & ANSWER column of the dpas magazine DARKER THAN BLUE has been one of the most popular features. We attempt to answer all questions sent to the magazine and the website but if they are of wider interest (and not confidential!) we'll be running them here.

"1) We are told that recording for the "Hallelujah" single began with the MK1 lineup present. And that after all concerned had supposedly packed up for the night, Blackmore, Lord & Paice reconvened later in the evening with Gillan & Glover.

If Evans & Simper were actually present at the session, has anyone ever checked if the multitrack tape is still in existence and whether any Rod Evans vocal performance of this number survives?

2) Bill Graham known to have recorded most if not all shows at his Fillmore venues, and Deep Purple MKI are known to have played there in 1968. Is any move afoot to release whatever audio or video recording may survive?


"No Evans / Simper input survives on the Hallelujah tape.

We do not know of any Bill Graham Deep Purple recordings, though they did play at the Fillmore. Given that the owners of his archive have shoved everything on line, it seems likely they would have done Deep Purple if it was done / survived.


"I bought a vinyl-copy of "Shades..." in a second hand record store today. US Edition sleeve, PB 3606, no Tetragrammaton Logo on label or sleeve. "Issued under license to creative sounds Lt. USA" b/w labe, glossy sleeve, no barcode Can anyone tell me if this is a official reissue, bootleg or other semi-official release? Many thanks for your help!"

Pit Arnold

"Hi Pit. Technically this is a pirate edition, copy of the real thing pressed to look official. There were a lot of versions of this in North America due to contract problems over the owners of the copyright."


"I bought a Creative Sounds copy of "Shades.." in the 1980s. Terrible pressing, and the music even played at the wrong speed on side two!" DB

"I recently saw an unofficial copy of Jon Lord's WINDOWS performance on DVD. ( Live footage) Do you foresee this show ever being released as an official DVD?"

Jeff FuPOnte

"I think it will Jeff, as the original master has been found recently.."

"Hello and A happy New Year! Does the entire Deep Purple New York 1973 ABC In concert exist?

Peder Johanson

"Sadly not Peder. As with many TV shows, once the video edit was done, the rest would be erased. Only if someone involved in the production thought to keep the material themselves might it survive.""


"Hello Simon!  Has there ever been an effort (or interest) to compile and release a collection of the early Ronnie Dio 7” singles?"

John Patrick

"Not officially. They were on a number of different labels so hard to license. However Wendy's new label seems to be doing some work in this area so maybe they'll be able to give it a go and clear titles others couldn't easily do."


"Any word on the Japanese Rainbow shows from the ‘76 tour? Did they ever find the master reels so that the complete shows can be released similar to the German sets?"

John Patrick

"Some reels are being assessed at present with a view to adding tracks to the remaster of On-Stage in 2012, but we're not sure if they're a complete set or not."


"I’ve just seen the Blog about Made in Japan and all the various covers from other bands. I have been pondering this little item for many a year and it seems that no one else has seen it or I might just be wrong…" Steve Hall

On the front cover photo of Made in Japan in the front row far left it looks like you see a photographer taking a photo of Ritchie. Look at the photo and the pose that Ritchie is in. Is the photo he is taking the one of Ritchie that was used on the back of the Powerhouse album sleeve? Take a good look, as he is in the right position. Look at the head swing to the right.
So would that be a photographer taking a photo of a photographer taking a photo? Just a thought!

:You could be right Steve, though I have no way of confirming. Usually at a London show, a lot of the regular photographers of the time would be there. However I did not design the Powerhouse sleeve so have no way of knowing where they took the photographs from.

: On the back cover of Made in Japan, where is Ian Gillan running to?

He used to zip about a lot if he was dallying back stage and realised it was time for the next verse! Or maybe his missus was after him...

Live in London front cover photo. That was not in concert as Blackmore is not in his stage clothes, was it taken at rehearsals?

Yes, this is not from a proper concert, but rehearsals for the tour or one of the London shows.

Finally do you have in your archives anywhere a photo of Blackmore with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck or even Clapton? I know they have met each other but is there any proof of their meeting? I get very annoyed when all I read in interviews is Beck, Page and Clapton all patting each other on their backs and never ever a mention of Ritchie Blackmore. Or do they just know they're all second rate against Blackmore…

I don't think I've ever seen such an image. Simon

See the Made In Japan cover article on the DPAS Blog.

"Hi Simon, one for the Q&A section: Was the fate of the stamped metal sheet from the "Machine Head" cover ever established? Might it still exist, and, if the photo session for the album was shot in Montreux, could it perhaps be in the hands of Claude Nobs? It would surely be one of the ultimate Deep Purple collectibles!"

Alan Nimmo

"Hi Alan, A good question and one that we've never found the answer to! I have been in touch with the photographer in the past, but never thought to ask him this. I'll see if he kept it or whether he just left it there and it got stuffed down the back of one of the mattresses..."


"Dear Darker Than Blue, Are there any future plans that you know of to remaster House of Blue Light? Or The Battle Rages On? I would love to hear Solitare play out after the fade, Jon is amazing on this track. Who owns the tapes? Is it possible that Solitare will surface one day as a full version?"

Many thanks, Rob

"Rob, House of Blue Light is up for a more thorough remastering job but it is in a queue. I'm not sure about Battle though as this is a different label. The problem is that once you look at restoring fades and such it needs the original master tapes and that begins to cost."


""A question came out on a recent chat with many Brazilian fans: Does the original concert footage of the Butterfly Ball concert still survive. And if so, could it possibly be released? I mean, WITHOUT THE "theatrical inserts"? That should be very welcome if released. I have to admit it the finished film looks ridiculous most of time. We could be watching Ian Gillan or David Coverdale or Glenn Hughes singing, but iinstead get weird scenes of child theatre. I´d pay to see ONLY the concert."

Roberto Souza

"Hi Roberto. The legal owners of the Butterfly Ball material still have some contract problems over issuing it officially. I tried again this year. I do not know if the missing live clips survive yet (we could replace by slides perhaps). I will keep trying."


" Out now: 'The Odyssey - Live' by David Bedford. Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in January 1977. Features Jon Lord. Does this mean that Jon's opening slot from that night might be on tape somewhere?"

Jeff Breis

" I did enquire at the radio station many years ago, but they told me all the tapes from that evening had been erased. Maybe Bedford kept copies? Jon wasn't very audible if I remember on Bedford's piece (we went along!)

I have tracked the CD down and spoken to the label, it seems legit. Sadly they don't have the Sarabande tape and David Bedford died just a few weeks ago.."


"Hello, any progress with the BURN candles yet ?  Those who run the candle shop need a spanking."


"Spoke to the boss of the firm four weeks ago and suggested if he cannot produce them, is it OK for me to take the moulds and go to another manufacturer, as we can't delay any longer. He's having a think about it.."


"Thanks to my recent purchase (First of the Big Bands) I was inspired to dig out Malice In Wonderland too. In the sleeve notes there is a comment that the three live tracks from the German edition were removed to make room for the second album tracks and would be on a PAL live album to be released in the future.

The first question is - Do you know how many of their concerts were recorded, other than the BBC Sight and Sound broadcast? I believe the tracks were listed as coming from Birmingham and London.

The second question is - What are the chances of these being released?"

Brian Jackson


So far there has been no further work on the PAL live tapes; the problem is the cost of doing the work versus the likely sales, as you'd need to do a mix from scratch. I think there are two shows, but it's not possible to tell if they are complete. I'll keep working on it though, you never know!"


" I'm just listening to the 3 CD Live in Japan and I'm wondering what the chances are to see a special 40th anniversary set of the three shows with all the complete shows on them in their original running order, the in-between songs chat and everything, plus a full remix. Well, listening to "Highway star" from the second night I can't help feeling that the original Made In Japan mix is much better than the mix for the 3 CD set. "

Helmut Gerlach

"Hi Helmut

There are plans, but nothing concrete as yet. The 3 CD set was really a very quick job and not intended to be a replacement. It would be nice to have time to do it all properly but not sure if there would be the budget, as it's a lot of work."


" Deepest Purple was the first Deep Purple CD that I ever bought, after hearing them on the local radio station. After that I was hooked. For a long time that was the only CD you could find here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

My question is: I remember reading in the sleeve notes that Ian Paice had worked on or mastered the songs, and it listed the equipment used. My original copy has been lost so I don't remember the details. I just got my copy of the deluxe version. I was wondering if you knew exactly what kind of work was done to the original release by Ian Paice and how it would differ, if any - to the other original Warner Brothers CD's. Would it have been possible, if the tracks were mastered differently, to remaster those done for the original release. This may be a really stupid question because I do not know a whole lot about this stuff, but have always been curious.

Thanks, Chris Andresen"

"Difficult one Chris.

This came out before CD was launched, and much was made of Ian Paice's involvement, but at the time we were told he just turned up and approved the new cut. When it transferred to CD, the sleeve notes in the UK made no mention of any extra work done (though there was the then standard page of blurb about the exciting new format)."


" TWO for the Q&A section;

(1) Having watched the Electronic Press Kit for the Come Taste The Band remaster, Glenn mentions that he sang Dealer (one of my all time faves), but that after he was packed off home, David re-did it and his contribution (vocally) was wiped. Does this explain why Tommy sings on this one track? I’ve often wondered why he gets this little section, bearing in mind his own worries about his vocals (not that he need have, love his voice).

(2) Teaser remaster. It was mentioned a few years ago. Will it ever happen?

Keep up the good work! Stuart Hadden"

"Hi Stuart,

Yes, Tommy was drafted in to replace Glenn (I thought I mentioned this in the bookelt?) on that track. There was no trace as far as I know of Glenn's attempt on the surviving tapes, so maybe they did physically wipe it off or record over it. Makes you wonder how rough it was to do this!

I'm told from America that the Teaser masters are still awol.


"Simon, 1 - From the short clips remaining, are you able to say if the Deep Purple Mk1 soundboard recording from Canada April 1969 – now unfortunately missing - contains any otherwise unreleased songs?
2 - Has anyone ever located a recording of Deep Purple/ Roundabout playing “My Little Girl” (the group’s opening number in the early days.according to the Chris Charlesworth book)?
3 - Supposedly there was a bootleg from 1968 or 69 with Deep Purple & the Nice joining forces for a number. Do you know anything about this?
4 - In the years since the Mk1 remasters, have the Deep Purple attempts at “Lay Lady Lay” and “Glory Road” ever been located? Thanks, Arch."


1 - From what I remember, the April 69 tape doesn't have any unissued titles.
2 - No recordings of the band's first Danish tour have ever been heard.
3 - Deep Purple Mk2 / The Nice were on a festival bill together in March 1970 and jammed for one number, a poor audience tape exists.
4 - The attempts to record those cover versions in America appear not to have been recorded, or if they were, have disappeared!


"Can you tell me anything about a Joe Lynn Turner era Purple track called 'Fire Ice & Dynamite'? Was it recorded especially for the movie of the same name and was it intended for the follow-up to 'Slaves & Masters'?." Robert Kane

"Hi Robert. Jon Lord was asked about the track in 1990, and talked about it - and especially the movie - in rather less than glowing terms:

Fire Ice & Dynamite soundtrack cover"The film was directed and produced by Willy Bogner, who also has a ski-clothes and ski stunts empire. He wanted a Deep Purple performance on his soundtrack, so he got the guy doing the soundtrack, Harold Faltermeyer.." (the person behind the Beverly Hills Cop soundtracks) " to write a song for us to perform. It was sent to us. and it was ho-hum...sounded like Beverly Hills Cop! It sounded a bit odd. We said we don't want to do that, thanks but no thanks. But they kept on at us, so in the end we said well we've got one of our own that we did when rehearsing for Slaves & Masters, we didn't put it on the album but we think it would be fine. So he said 'can you write it and call it Fire Ice & Dynamite?', which was done. Basically it was a rejected track from the album, I don't quite know what that says about it."

When asked asked if Deep Purple would be releasing the track as a single, Jon answered:

"That depends on the success of the film. To be perfectly honest I think the film is a dog. It's a very, very thin story held together with some remarkable stunts. It's a stunts film, purely to sell the... .I mean everybody is wearing Bogner outfits. It's one  of those new corporate films - you get the sponsor, you get the idea from that, then you put the storyline on. I think it's a bit cold-blooded, but still..."

And right enough, on examining the soundtrack CD, Harold Faltermeyer wrote 9 of the 13 tracks on it, as well as producing and arranging all of them except Purple's contribution. Keyboards on the track were apparently handled by Roger Glover."

"I recently managed to get a copy of the withdrawn version of ‘Shades of Deep Purple’ – the one with the abandoned car and doll on the cover. Have you any idea how many copies of this are believed to be in circulation and how long it was actually on the shelves before being withdrawn? Any info. greatly appreciated." Eddie Brennan

"Hi Eddie. This was only only the shelves for a couple of months. We've no real idea how many were actually sold before EMI withdrew it, but I was told that remaining stock at the warehouse had the wrong sleeves taken off and replaced by the correct one. A guess would just be a few hundred circulating, because it wasn't a big launch and the market for Shades wasn't massive at the time." Simon

(See also the 'Shades Of Deep Purple' illustrated discography)

"On the CD 'First Recordings 1968-1971' by The Sweet, there is a song titled "Questions" which is credited to the songwriters Gillan / David (Roger Glover = Roger David back then). Well, I got curiouser & curiouser, figuring it was our boys who wrote it. The CD booklet is very lacking on information, but I did find a blurb about it on the ever reliable (!?) internet. What I found was written by Dave Thompson (who put out the Deep Purple book a few years ago), and he says that the song was written by Ian & Roger, but is performed by Wainwright's Gentlemen (which Brian Connolly & Mick Tucker, later in The Sweet, were in at the time). There is no recording date, but I'm figuring it is from 1968 or earlier, because the first Sweet single came out in July 1968.

Do you know anything more about this? I don't think Episode Six ever recorded the song, though it is from around the same time, of course." Jeff Breis

Hi Jeff . This is a song Gillan and Glover wrote when they were in Episode Six. They wrote quite a few songs which they tried to sell to agencies, but very few got picked up. Episode Six didn't record this one, and I'd no knowledge of Wainwrights ever doing it either. It must be a demo. Ian Gillan was in Wainwrights for a time but they didn't issue any singles while he was with them. Simon

Can anybody confirm that the Leicester Tigers Rugby Union team run onto the pitch to the tune of 'Smoke on the Water'? I was watching last Friday's match against the Springboks and I was sure that was what was played (Sky being Sky, cut to a break). Keith Livingstone

"I can confirm that for some years now Leicester Tigers have indeed run out to the Machine Head version of Smoke On The Water. It usually stops just as Ian’s about to start singing . It actually makes for a rather good atmospher, particularly for the bigger games which tend to be played at the Walkers Stadium. It’s certainly quite surreal to hear 20,000 + (seated) fans clapping along to the riff as if we’ve been suddenly transported from Leicester to Osaka. While more a cricket and football man myself my wife likes the game so we tend to go along a couple of times a year. The first few times I was criticised for cutting it rather fine time wise so actually missed the teams coming out and didn’t realise. My wife now has the perfect excuse for me to get us there in plenty of time.

Yours feeling slightly stupid having not bothered with the current tour and just seen the set list." Steve Kelly

Regarding the Tony Ashton & Friends Abbey Road 2000 DVD. On the DVD, Tony Ashton's first track ends prematurely, shortly after the end of the guitar solo.  Is this "normal"? Peter Cross

There are a number of small glitches reported on this DVD due to poor quality control at mastering stage.. Simon

I remember reading that a very good soundboard tape was found of Deep Purple from Canada in April 1969. What happened to it? Mike Schweller

This recording was 'mislaid' during a sale of masters from the company which had it to another company, which themselves have now gone bust. All I have are short extracts which the original owners did for me when we were negotiating for the rights. Simon

Deep Purple flyer 1971Found this today in my father's loft, 4th October,1971 Royal Albert Hall. £1.50 for a top seat, amazing. Bryan

Nice one Bryan - was he responsible for colouring it all in with his crayons then? I won't depress him by saying how much this has affected the value!!. Simon

Please depress me, I know it was my brother who coloured it in, he can pay the difference. What sort of money would it fetch in mint and coloured in? Bryan

I would expect this to fetch around £50-£80 if in VG+ and not penned in! I'm not sure about the way it is now to be honest, you'd have to try it on eBay and see. I used to letraset my name on all my record labels and sometimes back sleeves too, which has similarly affected any monetary value! While the old Matchbox Toy catalogues my mum used to let me cut up as a kid would now be worth hundreds if she'd stored them out of my reach (I know as I've tried to buy them all back off dealers). Simon

On the original release of Space Vol 1+2 on Sonic Zoom, it mentioned as 'next release' Purple For A Day (PUR 204), from Long Beach 1971. What happened to the plans for this? I love this gig, it being one of my first vinyl boots (even have it on a blue vinyl),and I would love to see a properly mastered version of it. Steve McGrath

Long Beach 1971 continues to elude us. We have a cleaned up version, but I'm still convinced someone must have this on tape, as it was aired on several US stations, so I'm still hunting!. Simon

Has anyone located the multi-track tapes from the 5 Japanese shows that were recorded for the Onstage album? Could we eventually see a release of them similar to the German shows? Thanks! John Patrick

So far only a small number of multi-track reels have surfaced, and I've no idea where the rest would be. It would be down to the people who freed up the German shows as to whether these tapes could be compiled or not, but let's hope so. Simon

There is photo of Deep Purple Mark 2 with Malcolm Arnold in the DPAS gallery (on the “Mk2 in 1969” page ). On page 6 of Darker Than Blue 58 there is another photo (also pictured left), marked as “EMI launch for Deep Purple at Manchester Square”. I think, that these two pictures were taken at one event, or I am not right? When did the “EMI launch” take place?

Aleksey Kononow


The pics of Mk2 and Arnold were taken on the same day. The group did a short show in the basement at EMI for journalists, and then posed outside for photographers. This was mostly to publicise the forthcoming Concerto event and also the band's Harvest albums, as well as to sort of introduce the new line-up. I have seen some colour images from the concert but sadly when I tried to locate the originals many years ago the magazine had lost them... Simon

2.11.07 Update
"The picture is miscaptioned. Mr.John Boulting was not 'of EMI'. He was in fact one half of the celebrated twin Boulting Brothers (his brother Roy was later married to Hayley Mills) who probably were the most celebrated and successful British film-makers of that era. The Boulting Brothers company, British Lion, supported and filmed the 1969 Royal Albert Hall Concerto for Group and Orchestra and were, together with the Daily Express, two of the team that together with Ben Nisbet, the MD of publisher Feldmans, I worked with to ensure the success of this extraordinary event. The miscaption may have been prescient. British Lion Films were in later years acquired by EMI!" Tony Edwards

Was just thinking - does anyone know who the "stupid with a flare gun" actually was? Quandary Corner - if it was you, would you own up? Keith, Co. Fermanagh.

I would imagine the guy (or girl, don't forget girls!) could be liable for a large insurance bill even today were he daft enough to come out of the woodwork! Simon

Is it correct that on the Montreux 06 DVD (see mk 8 news) "Perfect Strangers" is missing from the track list???? It was actually played after Don's solo. It would make the set incomplete. I have a DVD of the whole set (including Perfect Strangers) and can't wait to get the official one, because it is an amazing concert, the jazzy intro to "Smoke On The Water " and harp-duel with Funky Claude on "Too Much Fun" are fantastic. Karl-Heinz Baier

Hi Karl-Heinz. We reprinted the record company press release, looks like they made a mistake. I hope so! Simon

I know that Ritchie Blackmore join Ian Gillan on stage for one or some songs during a gig at what I think was at the Rainbow Theatre. Did someone tape this, does it exist on a bootleg? Gert Larsson, Sweden.

Hi Gert. Blackmore joined the band Gillan on stage for the encores at a show in London's Marquee club on December 27th 1978 (see Darker Than Blue 18). There is a poor tape about of this, and it was issued on a terrible quality vinyl bootleg many years ago. Blackmore was trying to get Gillan to join Rainbow. He also appeared for the encores at Gillan's Rainbow Theatre gig on March 10th 1980 (see Darker Than Blue 21), which I believe exists on a bootleg audio tape. Simon

(update: Regards the Blackmore / Gillan jam, a very small picture from this appears in the booklet for the remastered Future Shock album. Thanks to Martin Heath for pointing this out.)

Hi. I just found on the French website of the National TV archives that they have a film of Deep Purple from POP 2 in 1970, and you can see some clips for free. Christian Chatel

Hi Christian, yes we are aware of this but haven't mentioned it before because I believe there were moves to try and stop this as there was no permission given. They have clips from the programme from several years. The show is around on pirate DVD anyway as it was screend on a cable chanel there a few years ago, although quality varies. Permission to use the full show has been obtained for an official DVD and details are on the site of the upcoming archive releases. Simon

Hi. After checking out the new Mk1 '68 photos in the photo gallery,and then having a look at some others again, I noticed that in the shots of Ritchie from Manchester, May 15th 1974, he is clearly playing a Stratocaster with 2 humbucking pick-ups instead of the 3 normal single coils usually fitted (and seen on other pics). As this would radically alter the sound, I'm suprised no one that I know of has mentioned this before - anyone know what songs these were used on ,and are there any recordings? Also for that matter, what songs were the left-handed strats ((played upside down - Hendrix in reverse style) used on (Purple & Rainbow eras?).Thank you, Andy Mepham.

Hi Andrew. The subject of Ritchie's guitars is one that we covered many times in our early DP Magazines. He did experiment a lot in Mk 3 with modifications to try and get the sound he wanted just right, including dropping the number of pick ups because he never used the third one. I'm damned if I can remember which songs he used the left handed guitar for, I was just busy taking the shots, but as he goes into guitar trashing mode, I think it would have been Space Truckin' - I scarpered soon after as the crowd came surging down the hall! Simon

Greetings from Canada. I have been looking for a Made in Japan poster for close to thirty years to no avail. Was there one released to the stores when it was put out ?? Has anyone any info on where I might find one.I`m on a mission here ! Thanks for your time, Dan Laurin

Hi Dan. There was an official EMI promo poster for the album in the UK stores, and it can be seen in the UK booklet which accompanies the CD (image courtesy of the DPAS collection!). I suspect it would fetch a lot of money now. I've not seen a US / Canadian one ever which may reflect the fact that the album wasn't seen as very important by the label in that market, but you never know what might turn up. Good hunting! Simon

Dear all at DPAS, I was quite surprised to learn - from the DPAS site, where else - that Sony/BMG say they have put the above 2 releases on hold, because two weeks ago I saw those separate CD releases at a Rotterdam CD store. (There's the continent for you - I believe we also got the Rapture of the Deep Tour Edition well before it was released in Great Britain). I didn't bother to pick up either of the separate live 1993 CDs as I bought the 4 CD box last year, the Stuttgart show of which I enjoy a lot, more so than the official first reunion live release Nobody's Perfect. As for the NEC show, well let's say it's "historically interesting". Still it has its moments. Kind regards, Bernard Maasdijk

Hi Bernard. I think there will be a lot of copies already in stores, and this is not a full withdrawal at this stage (and unlikely to reach that stage). Certainly DPAS Mailorder still have stock. Simon / dpas

Deep Purple Mk3's Hammersmith Odeon concert in '74 was professionally filmed, but I've only seen Burn from the show. Just wonder if you know anythong about this, and if the audio tracks exists and can be mixed? Eirik Solum

Hi Eirik The concert was not filmed in its entirety, only one full track was done (plus a few clips) as the guy could not afford any more film! Sadly the separate audio was wrongly mixed and sounded very bassy last time I listened to it, but I'll check it out again, maybe these days we can do more with it. Simon / dpas

A long time ago I owned a Deep Purple 'Burn' songbook. I guess it was put out by Purple Music or Warners in America. Do you guys sell that or have you seen copies? It had some cool photos and the pages were purplish. Not sure how accurate the transcriptions were! Steve Steele

The songbook was an American only release, and has been out of print for almost thirty years, so very hard to locate, especially in good condition.
Simon / dpas

"If it's of interest I have a copy of the Deep Purple Burn Songbook (attached images). It was published by Purple (USA) Music in 1974 and distributed by Warner Bros.Publications Inc. It's 23x30cm. I bought from new but can't remember where, probably a music shop on the Charing Cross Rd, London. Unfortunately its not for sale. Cheers, Bill Bass"

Hello Simon, and everyone, quick query for the Q&A section: I've got many bootlegs of the Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix where they often had to play two shows on the same day, referred to in listings as 'early show / late show'. This does seem to be primarily a Bill Graham / Filmore concert thing. My question, were Deep Purple forced to do this on their early tours of the States? Timothy Campbell

Tim, Deep Purple rarely did two shows on the same day. However there were instances on their first American tour. Much later, in Japan, Rainbow would sometimes do an afternoon matinee set because of ticket demand when there was no time to stay in the country longer. Simon / dpas

I was wondering if you had any info on the USA release date for Deep Purple - Live In London (Kilburn 1974) (CD). Your progress report mentions a release around November looking very probable, which now isn't far off. I haven't heard much about it lately and was just curious. I hope that the current "Stormbringer remaster" CDproject isn't affecting progress on Live In London CD. Michael Burke

Live In London may slip back into very early 2007 due to work on Stormbringer (EMI have to take advantage of Glenn being available now). So if anyone has a tasty Homburg hat for Simon to eat.... To answer the other question, there is no news on a US date for Live In London. David / dpas

Regarding the DPAS search for Deep Purple Mk3 video material, I have a short black and white clip of 'Stormbringer' live in 1975, which might be from the TV show mentioned in your reguest for information. It's around two minutes long, with a strange silent comedy insert of people running into the sea. The quality is awful. From seemingly the same source tape I also have short clips of IGB and the Windows concert. Does anyone know where these come from? Were they perhaps from an old German TV special? Alexander Hall

Hi Alex. To explain the origin of the old Stormbringer tape, here's an excerpt from Darker Than Blue Magazine No.51:

'"Tonny Steenhagen has finally explained the history behind a clutch of very interesting but very poor quality video clips which have circulated out of Holland for some years, these include Deep Purple Mk3 playing `Stormbringer' live, and Rainbow performing `Do You Close Eyes' in 1976. I'll let Tonny explain:

"Let's clear up the story about the Dutch DP fan-club tapes. The father of the guy who ran the Dutch Deep Purple fan-club from 1974-78 (Rene Veldhoen) had a radio shop, and used to tape bits from television on an old reel-to reel b/w video recorder. They lived close to the German border, so were able to pick up the German TV stations. In May 1975 they organised a Deep Purple club day, at which they showed all of their Deep Purple videos. I remember seeing the 1974 `Windows' concert, plus 'Stormbringer' live, and `Speed King'. The last two I'd already seen myself in colour on TV when the programmes were originally aired.

I'm quite sure that the `Stormbringer' clip was aired in 1975 by ARD (German TV), on a kids programme called `Info', which ran on Sunday mornings. The silly bit halfway through was in the actual broadcast. The ending was indeed very abrupt, as it is on the pirate copies currently in circulation. No more was shown.

Now the sad part of the story. Rene lost interest in the whole DP thing for a few years. He stored the tapes in a shed that turned out to be damp. So, come the mid 80s when he wanted to transfer them onto VHS, it turned out that a few were completely stuck together. What was salvaged are the poor quality b/w clips which circulate among fans today." text © Darker Than Blue, 1999

Whats the latest on the Stormbringer remaster? Any word on if we will get a remix AND remaster. MORE GUITAR !? David Jaynes

I've been trying to arrange for Glenn to come in and do some work on this one at Abbey Road towards the end of the year, so hope this comes together. Simon / dpas

I keep seeing a rather pricey Warners Japanese 2006 release of Stormbringer on the net, with OBI strip, poster, lyric sheet etc. Do you know if this has been remastered ? David Jaynes

This is just a repackage of the last mini sleeve edition from 1998. It may have been re-remastered but if so it wasn't authorised or supervised.. Simon / dpas

During the late 1960's and through out the 1970's, famous concert promoter Bill Graham, who handled every big rock act including Deep Purple at some point, filmed and archived every single concert by a band that he promoted. Have you guys ever considered trying to get access to his film vaults? Chris D

Hi Chris. We've checked the Fillmore but nothing by Deep Purple has turned up on the few dates they played there. Simon / dpas

I remember Roger Glover mentioning years ago (on that he thought he recalled cameras at a Deep Purple show at Paris Olympia in November 1970. What are the odds of an official release of the show? John Rosevear

This is must refer to the half hour 'Pop Deux' TV show which we've mentioned before. We have been in talks with the owners and subject to negotiation it is hoped to include this on the next official DVD. Simon / dpas

Just a few observations / questions about the Rainbow 'Live In Cologne 1976' CD. First of all, good to hear that the sound mix is vastly superior to the Live in Germany CD, in that they've sorted out the Dio too high in the mix, Cozy too low in the mix problem. There's more of an equal balance now. However, I think Dio is still a tad too high and Cozy still a tad too low, maybe this will be different on the next two CDs ?

Secondly, could you clear up the following:- on the Live in Germany CD inlay, it says the concerts recorded were Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mannheim, although the Mannheim concert tapes were incorrectly labelled Nuremburg. Is this correct? I'm asking this because on the Live in Cologne inlay, it says they'll be releasing CDs from Düsseldorf and Nuremburg also. Surely that should be Düsseldorf and Mannheim? Lee Parsons

I'm told the 3 CDs each have a slight difference in emphasis, but not had time to listen to them all yet.

When Live In Germany was done, there was still some confusion (and a little speculation!) due to incomplete documentation and some missing reels. German DPAS members helped fill in the detail after the CD came out. The 3 CDs to be issued will be Cologne, Düsseldorf and Nuremburg. Munich exists but currently I don't know what plans there are for this. Mannheim does not exist. Simon / dpas

I had heard earlier today that back when Burn was originally released, it came with an order form for the candles. I don't recall this. Is this true? Geoff Houlton

Geoff, in 30 years I have never heard about this, and the company says they have never offered them for sale before (nor will they do so again once our offer is closed!). Simon / dpas

UPDATE:  Scott in America says the LP he bought came with an order form from the candle company, but the Deep Purple candles were NOT for sale on the form, it was just an advert for their services and other products. Simon / dpas

Having just listened to the Eagle Rock 2xCD release of the Rainbow / Munich 1977 concert, have you any idea why all of Ronnie's in-between song chatter been edited out, as well as the opening 1 minute 45 secs tune-up and post-Garland 'fanfare' before 'Kill the King', and also about 3 minutes of Ritchie's guitar-thrash near the end? Roy Davies

I'm sorry but I've no idea. Originally I was told this was a DVD only, and did the notes and artwork accordingly. The test copy I saw was complete. They then rejected all my artwork (it was used properly in Japan in the end) but wanted to use unspecified "bits". I told them that I didn't have a problem if they thought my design was rubbish (I naturally disagreed!), but they either use it all or none. They then delayed the DVD but rushed out the audio instead - and went ahead and used a lot of my stuff anyway but with a new cover... so you'll forgive me if I don't bother to try and work out why the edits have appeared (esp on a double CD!). Let's hope they don't pull the same stunt on the DVD. Simon

I have a question for you: Is there any recording on audio or video from Rainbow in 1979-80 (Bonnet era) that could be possible be officially released? I`ve heard rumours about Donnington '80 (which we all have that 32 minutes off British TV) may have been found in full. Is it true? Roberto Souza

Hi Roberto. Yes, the Donnington material has been found (athough I do not know if it is the full show or the TV edit) but at present I don't know of any plans for this coming out. I don't know if there are any other films featuring the Bonnet line-up beyond the promos and a live version of 'All Night Long' from Munich which was shown on German TV in 1980. As for live audio recordings, several 1979 shows were aired at the time on US radio, including Fresno, New York (Calderone) and Chicago. Simon / dpas

I just want to get this matter straight: Is the Tokyo 1975 video "Rises Over Japan" official or not? It's been discussed in some hubs regarding the treatment of this video and I'm confused on the different opinions being given there by the bloggers. These are my questions for this particular video: 1) Is this video copyrighted? 2) Why was it only released in Japan and for a short period of time? 3) Is it also just like the Classic Rock productions which don't have the rights for the footages? 4) Does the airing of the promotional videos in some German Broadcasting network in the 80's constitute that this video is official and not a bootleg nor pirate? 5) Will this be included for the future releases The Deep Purple Archive Collections? 6) This video is floating in trading places for years and if it's the case, then is it prohibited to sell this? I look forward to your reply on this matter. Thanks a lot and hope that I will be enlighten. Anthony Leyson

This film was shot as a promo for Warners in Japan and some other EMI territories. It may have been issued in Japan but whether permission was sought isn't known. It was scheduled in Europe in the 80s but never got beyond test pressing before lawyers had it stopped. Yes some clips have been used on TV but these were obtained from EMI. The original film has been located and will be used to master from for DVD in the future. No DVD rights for this exist and any copies you see are probably pirated off one of the Japanese releases (see above). Simon / dpas

25 January 2006. Could you publish some info on the "Butterfly Ball" DVD which I've seen advertised? Is it going to be available in Europe? Marcin Zalewski

I'm checking with the company which owns the copyrights in this project, but I can't imagine it has been cleared officially, so would suggest this is in effect a pirate, dubbed off the withdrawn video edition. More if we get it. Simon / dpas

Hello there. I was wondering if this information is new to you. The 1971 Australian tour by Deep Purple which also featured Free and Manfred Mann was filmed in part by our ABC TV channel. The outdoor Randwick concert in Sydney, which Jon Lord recalls as one of the best Mark 2 Purple shows, was filmed by a show called GTK which shot numerous Australian tours in the early seventies. I have seen clips from the Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones tours filmed around this time which were filmed by GTK. Are you aware of this footage? Any available insight would be most welcome. Frank Musker

Dear Frank, we are aware of film from the concert by Free. Their full set was filmed. However, searches of archives have failed to find any confirmation that Deep Purple were filmed, and photographs from their set do not seem to show any cameras. It would be great if it happened and could be found but so far nobody has found anything. Simon / dpas the Live 1972/73 DVD. Is the footage from the Cal Jam indicative of the quality of the forthcoming release?. My Japanese video is clear, picture perfect...way, way better than this bonus track version.? Jeff, Phoenix

Dear Jeff , the bonus track on the Denmark DVD was done off an unrestored 30 year old NTSC Umatic, NOT off the original concert film which is en entirely different master, and much better quality. Simon / dpas

I have a question concerning Made In Japan. I know you've probably had a lot of questions about the integrity of MIJ. But I have to ask again. Is it 100% Live? Is it true there are No Overdubs, No Fake Applause, No Splicing in parts from the other Shows, ie Guitar Solos, Key'd Solos, bass, drums, Vocals or Applause and cheers from the Crowd? Was there any editing done to any of the songs. shorting songs to fit on Album? Scott, from Ontario, Canada

Rest assured MADE IN JAPAN is 100% kosher. Jon Lord says he thinks they made one slight edit when Ian Gillan fell over a cable and missed a line, but if so we didn't find it. But certainly what you hear now is what you got on the night, and there are audience tapes floating around to verify this. Enjoy it all the more! Simon / dpas

I've seen a couple of bootleg DVDs advertised recently and wondered if there is any likleyhood of them being released officially any time in the future. The first is the Deep Purple Paris 1985 show which was broadcast on TV in Europe. The other title is Rainbow Live In Munich 1977. I know nothing about this show but it would be fantastic to see a live show from this era. Got any inside info? John Derry

We would not advise anyone to buy bootleg DVDs as many are transfers from VHS bootlegs. Deep Purple Paris 1985 is not due for release in any format at present. Rainbow Rockpalast negotiations are underway however, and we would recommend you wait for this to come out officially. We'd also be careful about the Classic Rock 'Inside Rainbow' DVD as they have sourced their clips from bootleg VHS copies without permission from Rockpalast.

Having looked at the update on 1972 live DVD, it just occured to me that they didn't play 'Smoke...' ! When did they start playing it live? Regards, Timothy Campbell

To the best of my knowledge, "Smoke..." was not played live until the BBC In Concert show - about a week after the Denmark concert was filmed! The band still weren't convinced it was right for live shows, and didn't play it again until the Rainbow Theatre gigs at the end of June.

It's great to see the discography pages gradually coming together, but I have a question about the Bootleg Series 1984 - 2000 CD Box Set. I've seen pics of the box set (including the one on the DPAS discography page) which seem to suggest the box is a flip-top box which opens rather like a cigarette packet. However, my copy is simply a flimsy card box open at one end where the CDs can be slid out. I bought mine from the DPAS so it's obviously an official copy, although I did buy it a little while after it was first released. Did initial copies come in a flip-top box? Thanks for your help. Best wishes, Martin Burton.

Yes, the first run had a flip-top box but these got damaged very easily, so it was changed (though the box was still quite flimsy). This box has not been pirated, so all copies are official.

In the November 2004 issue of Goldmine magazine (a US record collecting publication) there was a brief article about the Riot Squad. In it, it states that Jon Lord was a member of that group, and that he played on their records. I have never seen anything to back this up, although a guy at a used record shop mentioned the same thing to me many years ago. Now, am I going to have to bash my head against the wall for not picking up those singles 20 years ago for about $2 apiece? None of the guys on picture sleeve shown look like Jon circa 1966, so I am still skeptical. Well, whaddya know? Thanks, Jeff Breis

Jeff, a common error set off years ago. What Jon Lord meant to say in an interview was that one of his roadies played in the band. This was misquoted and gets into print every few years. Jon is not on any of the band's records.

Hi. I don't know how long ago the following DPAS Q&A appeared, but I can tell you that the Butterfly Ball animated cartoon has appeared on U.S. television many times over the years. Also, someone in another Q&A asked if the 1969 Concerto would appear on DVD in the U.S. I have it, so the answer to that one is "yes", as well. James Gemmell

"Could you please tell me where I can purchase a copy of "the Butterfly ball" video ,and am I correct in saying that it has been shown on t.v.? Do you know of any plans to broadcast again? How about a CD/DVD Butterfly Ball concert release ?? #0005 / #0011"

We have audio masters for the live Butterfly Ball show but there have always been contractual difficulties over issuing it officially. However Purple Records are trying to find a way round them. The film masters are not so easy to obtain at present. It is not available on video either and the film company went into liquidation recently so it'll be some time before we know what happened to the footage.

• I have a question regarding the recent Live In Paris 1975 release... There has been talk about a box set featuring those last European shows with Ritchie, and I have been keeping from buying the Paris CD waiting on any news about the box set, since I wouldn't want to buy the same item twice... I'd like to know if that box set is likely to appear or not, but most importantly whether there are plans to release the rest of the shows on their own (just like Paris) regardless of a possible box set.

• Regarding present-day Deep Purple now, do you have any idea if there are plans to issue another string of shows, in "Soundboard Series" fashion, from the Bananas tours? I really hope so...

• And lastly, will the Sonic Zoom release of Stockholm '70 feature the long tune up / intro before Speed King? Javier De Las Heras. #0069

No news on the 1975 Box Set yet. This set has been shelved for a number of reasons, but I cannot guarantee it won't resurface. If it does I can make recommendations that it also be issued as separate shows but again there is no guarantee that would happen. As for further Soundboard Series sets, you will have to ask the band/manager. Stockholm '70 is a full Purple Records release, and you'll get everything on the tape, remixed and remastered. (No news of a release date as yet). Simon

Could Lyon 73 be a potential Sonic Zoom release ? I know this was a radio broadcast (RTL) and for the few I have been able to hear it has a good sound. I suppose RTL still owns the tapes. If not as a proper album (if there is too much editing), it could be add as bonus on an other 73 show release. Francis #0068

Hi Francis, RTL lost ALL their recordings many years ago; some people think they went in the rubbish, others that they were stolen. But nobody has a good clean copy of the DP show any more. I've even tried the DJ who introduced it! Simon

Regarding 'Concerto...' the original CD (1990) and 'Concerto...' remixed/remastered double-CD (2002), I've had the stopwatch out on these recordings and came up with the following differences: 'Wring That Neck': original 12:20, remaster 12:15; 'Child In Time': original 11:45, remaster 11:41; 'First Movement': original 18:56, remaster 18:54; 'Second Movement': original 18:56, remaster 18:51. Is there some variation in the mastering speeds of the two CDs? Jason Stephens #0067

Jason, I spoke with Abbey Road remastering engineer Peter Mew about this. He says it is to do with the different running speed of the analogue machines used for the old and new editions. The 1990 CD was done from the original album tapes which were not made at Abbey Road, whereas the 2002 CDs were done entirely at Abbey Road from the multi-tracks. If the original mix tapes had been recorded on a machine running slightly fast during the original mix in 1969 this would result in the speed differences. In finishing he says he would be inclined to trust the speed of Abbey Road machines in 2002, rather than machines used elsewhere over 30 years ago! Hope this answers your question. Simon

Regarding the BBC session track 'Hey Joe' (track 12) from 14th January 1969: I've also got this particular BBC version of 'Hey Joe' on 3 different bootleg CDs ('In Perfect Harmony', 'Outtakes & Sessions', 'Out'). The bootleg versions all have a longer intro (about 29 seconds longer) than the remastered 'Shades...' BBC session version. It appears that the 'Shades...' BBC session version has the beginning of the intro edited off. Any ideas.......? Jason Stephens #0068

Regarding the BBC Hey Joe, while this is available on bootleg with a longer intro, the differences in quality between them and the slightly edited transcription disc source made us decide to stick with the latter rather than try to graft bits on. As regards the Concerto timing differences, I cannot be certain what has caused this. However I've posted the question on to the senior engineer at Abbey Road who did the job and will see what he tells us. Simon

I read somewhere that the Outlaws appeared in a movie called "Live It Up" (or "SING AND SWING" in the USA) in 1963 playing "Law And Order". It seems that Steve Marriott, Heinz Burt and Gene Vincent acted in the movie. Is Ritchie also visible in the movie? Joerg Planer #0064

Acted? Maybe too strong a word! Yes, THE OUTLAWS with Blackmore perform the song in a special scene, dressed as decorators. It's the earliest known footage of any member of Deep Purple. Thanks to detective work from Uwe Fischer it now transpires that the movie has been brought out (on video cassette only) this year by UK company DD Video! (See cover opposite) SR

I was wondering if and when "Gemini Suite", the JON LORD solo-album studio version, will be re-released on CD? L.Strom #0065

This is one that will happen, but we have found some alternate takes from the studio album, and need to check these out and run them past Jon as well, as it would be good to use them as bonus pieces. Keep an eye on the site. SR

The Burn rehearsal tapes weren't good enough for EMI. Just how bad are they? Is there any chance they could be released by Sonic Zoom or Purple Records? (I'm curious: David Bowie's recently released "Aladdin Sane - 30th Anniversary 2cd Edition" had quite awful sounding live version of Drive-In Saturday. That was released by EMI. Can the Purple tapes sound worse?)

Also, if EMI plan to release better sounding live recordings, could that Liverpool soundboard recording be good enough for them? On the other hand, that audience tape would be great, too. I just wish to hear that gig cleaned up. Heikki Heino #0067

Hi Heikki - I'll have a think about the Burn rehearsal and see if it's of interest to Purple / Sonic Zoom, that might be a way forward. I've not heard the Bowie remaster yet (not long since we got the previous CD edition!) so can't compare quality. I doubt the Liverpool soundboard would appeal to EMI, but it might be worth asking them. They will come up against the same problems we have from the owner though. Meantime there is growing support to issue the cleaned up audience tape on Sonic Zoom anyway, so Purple are thinking about that.. SR

A second movie question: 1988, "White Hot" (a movie with Tawny Kitaen)- I've seen it once years ago and I think that I've seen David Coverdale in a party scene (not speaking, just standing there). Reality or just wrong pictures in my head? Joerg Planer #0063

Sorry, we can't help you here - her name on the cast list would be a guarantee of an unwatchable movie as far as I'm concerned - although it seems entirely possible given their relationship at that time. Mike Eriksson at the Swedish DPFC was a big Tawny Kitaen fan, you might ask him! SR

Is the whole Rainbow concert in Cologne (25th September.1976) ever going to be released? The tapes do exist as they were used for LIVE IN GERMANY. It was the very first rock concert I attended, (when a 13 year old schoolboy... nostalgia!). Bernd Kuepper #0062

There are tentative plans to issue all the recorded 1976 German shows later this year, if so it will include everything that there is!

I have an obscure LP from The Artwoods "Begin Here - Live In Wales 1964". The organ sound like Lord, but is this a real Artwoods-Concert? Joerg Planer #0061

Yes, this is the real band. The show was recorded on a primitive reel to reel tape by a US airforce employee who really liked the band, after he asked permission. He later gave copies to a couple of the band, one of whom later did somebody else a copy, which is how it got out. By the time the bootleggers got it years after, the quality was even worse, so I would not recommend it. The guy now lives in Canada and was really shocked when he learnt of the bootleg twenty years later. There is another show taped at 100 Oxford Street but this too is not good enough for general release.

According to importers in The States, UK EMI's new CD "two-fer" of Deep Purple's "Burn" & "Stormbringer" albums uses an anti-copy process. Perhaps you can fill your readers in on what type of copying is being stopped by this process, and how much of an audible effect there is on the CD's sound quality. Phil Cohen #0060

We've spoken to EMI who say "all the info regarding what you can or can't do with the copy protected CDs are on the back inlay. Basically you can't copy them in a computer. This system is done in a separate session on the disc so it should have no audible effect on the music".

Does a TV recording of the first night Deep Purple played in Paris 1985 (8th July) exist? .....if memory serves both nights were recorded. Peter Mair #0059

Naturally, given the intervening years it's a bit of a haze, but I only recall there being cameras on the second night (which was subsequently broadcast on German TV's 'Rockpalast')...ditto trees on stage...and that the first was as goodie too... MM

"I was at both shows in Paris in 85, and recall the cameras being there on the first night as well. In fact on the first night I sat on the crash barrier in front of the camera that was midway back on the floor of the arena on Ritchie's side. The first night's Deep Purple show was rather good. I recall Jon's Hammond packing in towards the end of Space Truckin, and he had to do the encores on the electric piano, which gave Speed King a slightly more jaunty feel to it. I also think there might have been a potted plant somewhere on stage the first night as well, though nowhere near the garden centre that was there on the second night." Kevin Dixon

I`ve been searching for over twenty years for a picture or poster from the Made in Japan album cover. Do you know who owns the rights to the picture or any info on how I could find one? Dan Laurin. Kitchener,Ontario #0058

Nobody ever issued a commercially printed poster based on the MIJ sleeve. We do know who owns the rights, but sadly not where all the original pictures went to. Even with modern techology, to enlarge the cover image to poster size and then reprint it would not produce very good results. SR

Why won't someone get The Illustrated Biography of Deep Purple by Chris Charlesworth re printed? I recently saw it go for $207.00 US dollars on ebay. AMAZING. Ken Gottschalk #0057

IThe book has been reprinted, albeit in updated form - see the EMI Box Set. I bought the rights to the text off Chris Charlesworth specially for this (and any future use). As for a facsimile, we've explained many times in the past that sadly the artwork for the book was lost. SR

Several years ago, I purchased a CD of Eddie Hardin's called Wizard's Convention. I mainly bought it for the track "I'm Looking Forward to Tomorrow," which purportedly included Billy Ocean on vocals. However, when I listened, it was not him singing. I just found out about the "Wind in the Willows" reissue and listened to an online preview of the same song, with the same vocalist. I am there a Billy Ocean OTHER than the one who had hits in the 70's and 80's such as "Love Really Hurts Without You' ? #0056

It IS THE Billy Ocean, he used to live around the corner from me! Eddie Hardin.

I have the Montreux '69 'Kneel & Pray' 2cd and the recording is excellent. However, at the start of 'Mandrake Root' when Ian is singing the vocal level drops for eighteen seconds and then gets better. My question is: did Ian have any problem with the microphone, a technical problem, or is there a drop in the recording at that moment? Juan Nunez #0055

We just don't know Juan; it may just be that as they were mixing it live the engineer missed this at the time. Simon.

Regarding your discovery of a Deep Purple show recorded in Paris 1970 by French radio, is it the same gig that was filmed for French TV and repeated on Canal Jimmy a couple of years ago? Hugh Watt #0054

Hi Hugh. No, it's a different gig. The radio show was recorded at the Olympia, Paris, on 1st November 1970. Pop Deux was from 8th October 1970.

I bought the DVD "Machine Head Live 1972" which is the live show from Copenhagen 1972. It is from Japan and it was quite expensive. The sound is bad. Will there ever be a proper DVD release (with better sound at least) of this show? Kind regards, Rolf #0053

Hi Rolf. We have already warned people about existing archive Deep Purple DVDs transferred from video cassette releases as NONE of them have been remastered in any way. Yes there will be a new version of Copenhagen 1972 on DVD in the not too distant future, with a much improved soundtrack.

I remember reading in a copy of Darker then Blue that Ritchie once jammed with Wishbone Ash at a soundcheck back in the early 70's when they were supporting Purple. Is this true and more importantly does a tape or bootleg exist. John Wallis #0053

Yes and No (unless anyone knows different!). Blackmore was so impressed with Wishbone Ash that he recommended them to Derek Lawrence, and Derek got them the deal and produced their first few (and best) albums, and (he tells me!) came up with the twin guitar sound by accident when he mixed two guitar takes together! You can find more in the excellent book on the band reviewed in Issue 54.

When you mention the recently discovered 2" California Jam video masters I get the impression that you have found Lay Down Stay Down on video too!! Is that correct? The next question is obvious, will there be a DVD release of the complete gig? I remember seeing a clip from Space Truckin where they used different angles than those on the video. It would be great to have a multi-angle release where you can see Ritchie's fingers and not the angle from behind in his solos. Anders Körling #0052

A proper DVD release is in the pipeline - including Lay Down Stay Down - but this is set to be a complicated undertaking if all the planned extras are to be implemented. (There are more details in Darker Than Blue 55). In the meantime, the only official DVD version is the one issued in Japan. Buy this as a stop gap by all means but it adds nothing to the VHS edition. Avoid the Brazilian DVD release as this is unlicensed and unofficial.

( are contacted frequently by people wanting details of the DVD releases coming out in Brazil: New Live & Rare, California Jam, Scandinavian Nights etc. However much some people don't want to believe it, these are all unlicensed pirate pressings, and we won't have anything to do with them. Although there are international copyright laws, Brazil refuses to pay any attention to them, so the situation flourishes.)

The first Sonic Zoom release was supposed to be Mk 4's 1976 Liverpool gig. When will you release it? Heikki Heino #0051

Yes, this was all mastered off a first generation audience tape and ready to go but then we heard of a source in America who seemed to have some soundboards including Liverpool, so we went after that. Sadly the guy decided his tapes were worth huge amounts of money, so we couldn't proceed. I'm reluctant to issue the audience tape when I know there is a better one, even though we can't get at it.

Is there any chance you could make an arrangement like "pay £60 now, get the next 5 Sonic Zoom cd's automatically when they're ready"? I'm pretty sure I will order the next five (or even 50 releases), and I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this way. Heikki Heino #0050

We have talked about this but it would put us under pressure to get stuff out faster, and I prefer to work on each title until it is ready. Generally this subscription system only works where labels are doing tons of releases, like the King Crimson series.

(re. the Sonic Zoom series): Whose eye is looking through the hole in the middle of the cd cover? I don't want to ruin the cover, so could you show the picture behind the cd? Heikki Heino #0049

A : On Aachen it was Katy Manning; on Inglewood it was Sandie Shaw; on Denmark 72 it was Twiggy. Just the designer having a bit of fun.

I was wondering if there are any plans to make available any of the official Rainbow VHS releases ( Final Cut and Live Between The Eyes) on DVD. I know Final Cut is available in Japan, are there any plans for a UK release? Martin Waldron #0048

Sorry, there are no plans that I know of to release these items on DVD.

I've heard that there is an early version of "Strange Kind Of Woman" called "The Prostitute" with different lyrics. Is this only a rumour? And if not, are there any plans to release this special song? Karl-Heinz Baier #0047

This was just the working title of the song before Ian had done the vocals. The only version to survive in the vaults is the final one.

I know that I'm a sad git(!), but I was wondering if there was ever any chance of live stuff being issued with JLT on vocals, or indeed with Joe Satriani on guitar? David Cranson #0045

Soundboard (or better) live recordings of both these line-ups exist but with Satriani there would need to be additional contractural negotiations, and with both you would need to talk to the current manager of Deep Purple to approve a release.

I was wondering if you are going to reissue Roger Glover's solo album The Mask on CD. I heard it was issued some time ago with his Elements album, but have not been able to get a copy. #0008 & Steve Bull #0046

There are no plans to reissue either album. They came out on Connoisseur several years ago (Mask/Elements 2 on 1) but once their license expired it was deleted.

I'm wondering why Virgin have never released Gillan's back catalogue... done well like the DP remasters. The available pressings sound awful! Claus Cheng, Nürnberg. #0044

Virgin DID reissue the Gillan back-catalogue on CD in 1988 with bonus tracks etc. although as you say these days the sound could be much improved. The Virgin CDs were deleted in 1998 and then reappeared on the Caramba label the following year, although these were straight clones so the sound hadn't improved. They were then withdrawn. We'll let you know if any when the albums are available once again.

Is there anywhere I can download 'Deep Purple' fonts for use in Word etc? The sort of thing I'm looking for are the 'classic' easily recognisable style of fonts such as on the Made in Japan, Stormbringer & Burn album covers. Edward Pinner #0043

While there are a lot of digitised fonts out there, the problem is in locating them, unless you already know the exact name of the font - especially when looking for the more esoteric desgns from the seventies, many of which weren't widely used. It took me many hours of work on the net to find the stencil font used on the PAL sleeve for example, though it turned out to be by a very famous designer indeed.

The Burn font doesn't exist, it was hand drawn (as was the In Rock font - although I did digitally redraw and make up extra letters for this for the anniversary CD edition). The Mk 3 logo I'm pretty sure came from a special designers' series produced by Letraset for their dry-transfer range. Called Letragraphica, these were sold mainly to designers to keep them exclusive - a much higher retail price also helped. You might be able to trace this by sending a scan to their web site enquiry address.

The Made In Japan font is a puzzle. It may well be hand-drawn - the letter "P" isn't totally consistent - but that could just be poor printing. EMI Spain used extra letters in the font on their version of the anniversary CD, but whether they traced the original or simply made them up digitally I don't know.

The font used for the word Fireball on the sleeve was commercially available and has been digitised, though I don't know the name. So, an opportunity for someone out there to do some research! There is a type library and museum in London who might be able to help, but I don't know how far up to the present their collection is. They do have the font designed for British Overseas Airways Corporation which I've always loved, and I'd like to go down and scan this some day. But that's another story.
Simon (with his graphic designers hat on) Robinson.

My question is about the live Ashton & Lord BBC CD. Usually, BBC in Concert programmes ran for almost an hour. Is it right to assume that more songs were aired/recorded than available on the Windsong CD, which clocks in at just over 49 minutes? If so, is there any chance for a release? Helmut Gerlach #0042

It is right to assume that there is an extra track, but I'm afraid that it would be quite hard to issue this while Windsong have their CD still available. Windsong / Strange Fruit have consistently approached their agreement with the BBC over the In Concerts and sessions in a really slapdash manner. Nearly all the CDs they put out are incomplete (even the new Bonzo Dog Complete Sessions is incomplete!!), or are cobbled together from different shows, and cheaply mastered. It's a shame that one of the best archives has been treated so badly over the past twenty years. Now can I get down off my hobby-horse? Simon.

I'm just listening to the "First of the Big Bands" album and as always I'm appalled by the very basic information on the album cover. Have you looked at the possibility of a CD release, including liner notes that explain who played on what and when? Helmut Gerlach #0041

Purple Records are hoping to do this next year. It's taking some time as they've found some old tapes which might have extra material on.

Re. the EMI box set, are there plans to release the BBC tracks separately in the future? And are there any plans to compile a similar box-set for the reunion years? I know Purple Records can't do it, but rumours, anybody? Heikki Heino, Finland #0040

There are no current plans to issue the BBC Sessions separately at present, although (like Sean Connery) I cannot say this will never happen. Maybe if we can find the missing Mk 1 sessions...? As for a reunion box set to match the recent one, I'd love to organise this but there are no plans to do it at present. EMI are willing to do one if co-operation is forthcoming.

Can somebody advise me if the "Stranger In Us All" album was pressed on vinyl and how I can get a copy (if it was)? I'm also desperately looking for a vinyl copy of "The Battle Rages On..." I'm also looking for Connoisseur Collection vinyl LP versions of "Ritchie Blackmore Rock Profile Vol.2" & "Live in Germany,1976"   Yuri Bisyarin #0039

"Stranger In Us All" wasn't issued in vinyl anywhere. "The Battle Rages On" vinyl edition is very rare, as it was only issued in small numbers in Europe, the last current Deep Purple album on vinyl. You'll need to search second hand dealers on the web. The DPAS has a few copies of the two Connoisseur items in stock. "Live In Germany" lacks the booklet though. e-mail Ann at DPAS online for details.

Re. the 1969 Concerto DVD - a/ are the Deep Purple songs on it, ie. Child In Time etc, and b/ will it be released in America? a/ J.Karl Simpson, b/ Jeff, Phoenix AZ #0038

a/ No, these weren't filmed. b/ There are plans for this Jeff but we don't have the details as yet.

I just bought the Concerto DVD and am now I'm very upset: In the 1st movement there are 4 and a half minutes missing. Just in the part before DP comes in. Can you please explain this to me? Andreas Weigelt #0037

The DVD Concerto was mastered from the original video master used for the BBC showing in 1970. This was edited slightly to fit the time slot, hence the edits on the DVD. The older VHS was the same. The original 35mm print survives (which we assume is uncut) but is in a rare three colour film negative process which cannot easily be transferred any more without very specialist equipment and knowledge, and at huge expense which it was felt couldn't be recouped by present day sales levels.

How about compiling a DPAS members only CD release? There seems to be a demand from hard-core fans for certain stuff to be released (e.g. the live half of Comin' Home with the fade, and the unreleased WTWTWA jams). You could perhaps include "Smelly Botty" and I'd personally like to see "Guitar Job" on there too (so that I can retire my Rock Profile CD), and also the MEGA-MIX (although some purists might disagree). Graham Dobb #0035

The studio out-takes were held off the remastered albums at Jon Lord's request, so we would need his agreement first, then I'd have to sort something out with EMI, but I'm sure that could be done. We'll think on. That mega mix though, absolutely not!

Hi, a while ago there was talk of an Paice Ashton Lord DVD concert, is this still on the cards? Rob Walton #0034

Yes, negotiations with the BBC for the Sight & Sound In Concert have been successful. At present the search is ongoing for the master of the Lifespan documentary (and any extra footage) but things are looking promising. More news on the web site when we have it.

Hello Simon. Whilst gazing wistfully at my Baker Gurvitz Army Musikladen DVD the other night, a thought struck me. Did Deep Purple just set up for individual performances of Highway Star/No No No on the Beat Club shows or did they do more, i.e. a short set? Mike Burnett #0033

Sadly Deep Purple didn't do a fuller set for Beat Club. What is around is all there is. It could be that they recorded one more number but if they did then it wasn't shown and hasn't survived.

The flow of releases with latter day Deep Purple DVDs is great. But what about the back catalogue? Copenhagen 1972 with restored sound would be great, as would California Jam and Doing Their Thing. All these will of course be time consuming to get done, and I know that time on your side is scarce. But are there any plans for re-releases of these titles on DVD?? Anders Körling #0032

There will be some DVD titles appearing from next year, probably with the California Jam high amongst them. The huge problem here is the huge sums of money many TV companies want up front to access archive footage - thousands of dollars a minute. But we'll persevere. Simon

Can you tell me where I can buy official merchandise from the September 2002 UK tour? Thanks, Claire Jones . #0031

Hi Claire, I'm sorry but we have no contact details for the merchandisers on the 2002 tour. I will attempt to get some stocks of the new tour programme somehow, keep a watch on the site or in the next magazine. Simon

Why is it that in every incarnation (LP, tape, cd, "remastered"cd) of the Rainbow Rising studio work sounds like crap? It deeply saddens me, and I would part with a nut for just ONE decent sounding copy. Any light you could shed on this would be much appreciated. Chris Marx, Seattle. #0030

I agree that the overall sound on Rising is a mess, but there are only two people who can tell us why it ended up sounding so muddy. It needs a thorough reworking in a modern studio, much like what was done with Machine Head. However given Ritchie's antipathy to that project, and his stated aim only to look forward not back, one wonders if it will ever happen. They should do the first album as a matter of urgency too. Simon

I recently bought a copy of Machine Head on reel-to-reel tape. Played through my Revox reel to reel, it sounds fantastic. Were many Deep Purple albums released on reel to reel and how much are they worth? Karl Simpson #00029

ALL Deep Purple albums were issued on reel to reel format in America. They are reasonably common over there where this format was popular due to the great sound quality. Collectors outside America are sometimes conned into paying high prices for them by dealers, so it's worth being patient. We're hoping to have a feature on these in Issue 55 of DTB.

I have read in DTB etc. that there is footage 'around' of Mark IV, featuring Tommy..the often mentioned 'World At Large' and the complete Tokyo '75 show. Do they exist, what condition are they in, where are they, and what are the chances of release? Ian Steele #00028

The BBC 'World At Large' film crew did indeed document Mk 4 in the studio and on the road in late 1975 and early 1976. Before anything could be done with the raw footage, the band split up and the finished programme was never made. Despite an extensive search by the BBC, no trace of any of the material can be found. There is a story that it "walked" some years ago, even that someone was offering it for sale, but all leads have drawn a blank. 'World At Large' do get a credit on the "Come Taste" sleeve by the way. Tokyo 75 was done on 16mm but the original footage cannot currently be traced, only video copies which show a much edited 25 minute version. We are in touch with one of the people who worked on the editing and are hoping to get a lead on where the film itself might now be.

Why wasn't "Guitar Job" included on the reissue CDs? What is the origin of this track and will it appear on the EMI box set? Graham Dobb #00027

"Guitar Job" appeared on the "Blackmore Rock Profile" album in 1989 (which is still available via dpas online), and was an out-take from the "Fireball" album sessions. There wasn't room for it on the remastered CD edition. It isn't on the EMI Box Set as it would be out of context there.

I I have a German version of the original Purple People album. My cousin was in the army in Germany at the time and bought it. The following week he went back to the record shop and the young lady who had served him told him that EMI had cancelled the record. Are you aware of this album? Andrew Carver #00026

This album was issued in 1972. I'm not sure about the situation in Germany but the LP was available in the UK for a couple of years before being deleted.

I'm aware that Warner Brothers (in the States) worked from the original Quadraphonic mix of "Machine Head" for their DVD-Audio release, instead of getting access to the 16-track master tapes. Will the European SACD also be sourced from the old Quadraphonic mix, or will it be a new mix for 5.1 channel sound? Phil Cohen #00025

Warners were sent 16 track masters for their DVDA mix. If they didn't use them we don't know why. Abbey Road regard their DVDA mix as "polite". The European SACD has been done from the 16 track masters, by Peter Mew, who actually did the quad mixes back in 1972!

I would like to ask about the Purple video "Doin' Their Thing". A wonderful concert, but far too short. Is there a complete version of this particular concert somewhere? Stefan Persson / Sweden #00023, (also Rob Walton)

No, this is all that remains of the concert, Simon has checked with the TV company. He's hoping this will form part of a compilation DVD later this year.

Do you know if any of Jon Lord's solo work's been published as sheet music?
Tim King #00024

A : The only thing available was sheet music for the Continuo on BACH Main Theme, published as a four page piece in Germany in 1974 with an otherwise unpublished picture of Jon and Eberhard on the front. There were just two pages of music, the back was an advert for the album. There are still plans to publish the revised Concerto this year.

I love the line "Ian Paice on the drums - YES!" by Gillan at the end of "The Mule" on my Made in Japan album which I've had since ' 73. I recently got the remastered edition on CD and I'm disappointed that this line has evidently been cut. Any ideas/answers why? John Patriarca #00022

You're right, it isn't on the 25th anniversary double. I've no idea why, as I wasn't involved in the mastering on this one, but it does seem very strange.

Do you know of any plans toward a DPAS-convention during the UK tour in 2002? I'd like to know (and to go there). Hein Bierman #00021

There are no plans, because so many people are going to different shows it's impossible to sort out a proper meeting. If the DPAS can arrange anything informal for members we'll post details on the site.

Ian Gillan claimed in interview from around 1971 that he played in Jesus Christ Superstar live on stage for one evening only in a church in New York. Have you got some more information about it? Does a recording of the event exist? Bernt Kuepper #00020

We've never heard about this. Possibly MCA in America organised a promotional event to launch the Jesus Christ Superstar album in America. I doubt very much if they recorded it. Does anyone else have any more information?

It is now time - and you cannot go on ignoring it - for a quality Deep Purple Mk V live release. I know that concerts were taped on the S & M tour. Some people don't like JLT but you can say much the same about Tommy Bolin replacing Ritchie - some people didn't like that either but you have done Mk IV proud with the recent stuff. Ian Taylor. #00019

My ability to work on archive releases ends with the reunion Ian, their current manager is simply not interested in us getting involved with reunion era releases. Simon.

Can you help me: I can't figure what "A 200" is? It's the last song on the Burn record. Is it a name? What is it? Eilon, Israel. #00018

Look away if you're easily embarrassed! It's the name of an ointment sold in America in the seventies to cure crabs.

Is there any release frequency planned for the bootleg 68/76 series? How often can we expect releases? Can we make any suggestions for the future releases? DUGAYJ. #0001

There is no big plan here, we'll just see what the feedback is. Frequency also depends on how much restoration work is involved. Suggestions welcome although we have ideas for the next few. Details can be found at Purple Records / Sonic Zoom.

I have a question regarding "This Time Around": I see that "Woman From Tokyo" is on the original Japanese release "Last Concert In Japan". Why isn't it included on "This Time Around"? Was it not from the 12/15/75 show? #0002

Although they listed it as a number on the original sleeve, it's actually only a short burst of the riff. It is on the remix but we didn't want to con people into thinking the band did the whole song.

Will anyone ever release any live concert material from 1973 Deep Purple tour? I know they played on ABC in concert series. Did Purple ever recorded live stuff during the 73 tour? #0003

To date we have not found any complete 1973 recordings of mixer desk or better quality. We are aware of the ABC In Concert but sadly this is quite short and also appears to be edited. The tapes we'd really like to find are the Radio Luxembourg broadcast from Lyons in 1973 but so far these appear to be lost or destroyed.

I'm sure you get asked this a MILLION times-so here we go again! As early as 1990 you wrote in DTB about putting together a compilation of The BBC sessions. Has there been any progress in getting this off the ground or have you met with the usual red tape? I have a cd boot of these, but I would love to have this remastered with liner notes! #0005

There is now a deal in place for this to happen but we are still short of a few really early sessions by Mk 1 which have never been rebroadcast or bootlegged. However a few more sessions are earmarked for the EMI Box Set in late 2001. There have been several bootleg versions of this material, but it will be good to get them out from the original masters. Several Mark One sessions have already been added to the 1999 reissues of the first three Purple studio albums, see the discography page for details.

If there ever was a recording SCREAMING for remixing BURN is the one. It's way beyond my imagination how they were able to destroy all life in such an energetic album, it sounds ridiculously thin, tinny and dynamically flat, missing lower octaves completely. Will there ever be some kind of anniversary or other type remix of BURN? #0006

We're hoping the remaster series will continue. Roger Glover has said he doesn't feel he should be involved with the rest of the titles (though I'm sure he would do a good job!). The other major problem is that from Mk 3 onwards the tape archives are not complete, with multi tracks missing etc. When it comes to "Come Taste" nothing can be located. At present we do not know where everything is, though the feeling is that some of the tapes probably got stored in America. Until this is sorted out there is only so much that can be done.

I am a big fan of Curtiss/Maldoon and the solo Maldoon LP. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to issue the B-side to the 'One Way Ticket' 45 which wasn't on the LP and didn't make it to the CD. I have both albums in their original vinyl configuration but have yet to find either of the 45s. #0007

Purple Records have recently discovered the single master for "One Way Ticket"/"Next Time" which were previously missing (which is why the unissued b-side could not be included on the CD release). The label will consider this for their Various Artists compilation to be released later this year and if it doesn't make Volume 1, then it could go on Vol 2. There's a feature on the duo in the March 2001 issue of Record Buyer magazine.

I was wondering if you are going to reissue Roger Glover's solo album The Mask on CD. I heard it was issued some time ago with his Elements album, but have not been able to get a copy. #0008

There are no plans to reissue this album. It came out on Connoisseur several years ago (Mask/Elements 2 on 1) but was then deleted. The problem is that the license holders won't do it themselves but want thousands of pounds to let any other label release it so nobody can afford to do it!

I've been getting really back into the Concerto and feel its time to update my scratchy vinyl of the original. I see the current edition includes two of the live tracks previously on the "Powerhouse" LP, but no "Hush". Before I buy it, is there any likelihood of this changing in the foreseeable future? #0009

This concert will be the subject of a major overhaul by EMI in 2002 including the full pre-Concerto set (see the mk1-6 news page), so hold on for this.

When Gillan fronted Black Sabbath in 1983 they played the Reading Festival. This concert was broadcast in the UK. Is there any chance that this concert will be available on CD sometime? #0010

RPM Records did approach Tony Iommi about this a few years ago but he said he didn't really want this show to go out. I might get Purple Records to try again but it would probably have to wait until any projects it might conflict with are over. It would be great to get it out as it was Gillan's only UK show with the band and sounds very powerful (it has been bootlegged extensively). The BBC broadcast was not the entire concert (about one hour out of one and a half), so most bootlegs are lacking additional tracks.

The "Mark 2 Purple Singles" album, does this still exist? Can it bought on CD format? #0012

This special collectors item was issued on purple vinyl in June 1979 in the UK (EMI Purple TPS 3514) then deleted on the day of release to ensure that fans ordered it up front and it became a rarity (as a sales gimmick). It was issued in several other countries but in normal black vinyl and as an unlimited release. It was never issued on compact disc (unless the Japanese have done so) and there are no plans to release it as it makes no real sense on CD.

Fire, Ice and Dynamite. I've seen this track mentioned in the newsletter, but I've never heard of it. Which version of Purple is it, and is it available anywhere? #0013

It's the Joe Lynn line-up, and was the title track done for a deleted film soundtrack, issued on vinyl and CD but only in Germany and now deleted.

Rainbow were on the "Monsters Of Rock" live compilation Lp released in 1980 on Polydor. Does anything exist of the entire Rainbow set, as the two tracks on this album are superb quality. #0014

This LP was issued both in Europe and in America (in a different sleeve). Nobody seems to know who actually recorded this show, or where the masters currently are. Another track, 'Since You Been Gone' appeared on Finyl Vinyl. Also missing is the thirty minute video (and the unseen footage) from Rainbow's set which was shown on UK TV after the gig.

Did Purple play ever the song "COMIN HOME" live? #0015

Yes, once or twice in America in early 1976. We only know of one multi-track live version of this but sadly it cuts out two thirds of the way through when the tape ran out. It's a shame because it sounds good. It might be suitable for release on some sort of mail-order collectors CD in the future once mixed.

Do any tapes with The Fabulosa Brothers exist? #0016

I've never heard of any but Purple Records do have the rights to issue four tracks cut by The Government when Coverdale was their singer in the early seventies. One is a Joe Cocker tune. The label has now released all four tracks on the 'Pre Purple People' cd, now available at the dpas online store. For more information see our other news page.

Recently some friends asked me about the Hell's Preachers "Supreme Psychedelic Underground " LP on Pickwick. I told them that according to the DPAS discography it's just a bunch of studio musicians doing some Purple riffs, amongst other things, and that there were no actual members of Deep Duple involved. I was wondering if there was any more info on this LP since the discography came book. #0017

We've heard nothing to make us change our minds. The LP was issued on the Pye Marble Arch budget label in 1969 (MALS 1169), which specialised in getting hold of cheaply recorded product from America and Europe, including an awful lot of cover versions of hits etc. In 1978 someone claimed members of Deep Purple were on this particular album, with nothing other than the fact that some of the tunes resembled a couple of Mk 1 riffs to back up his claim. One suspects he was trying to inflate the price of an otherwise fairly worthless artifact. Band members when asked over the years have said "not guilty". There are no producer or writer credits on the disc, beyond "Europa Recording". The singer certainly sounds like someone less than fluent with the language trying to sing in English.

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