Deep Purple Discography
Shades Of Deep Purple
Mk 1. Recorded May 11-13 1968 at Pye Studios, London. Charts: UK ../US 24

1. And The Address / Hush / One More Rainy Day / Prelude:Happiness / I'm So Glad 2. Mandrake Root / Help / Love Help Me / Hey Joe

CD BONUS TRACKS: Shadows [out-take] / Love Help Me [instrumental vsn] / Help [alt. take] / Hey Joe [BBC Top Gear session] / Hush [live on US TV]

Shades Of Deep Purple, US Edition


AMERICA : Tetragrammaton Records T 102 : July 1968 SS.

See photo. Back also different to UK.

Shades Of Deep Purple, UK Edition

GREAT BRITAIN : Parlophone PMC 7055 Mono : September 1968 SS.

See photo. Back is purple, track & sleeve notes in white. Short lived mono mix.

GREAT BRITAIN : Parlophone PCS 7055 Stereo : September 1968 SS.

Normal stereo mix.

Shades Of Deep Purple, 1977 Re-Issue

GREAT BRITAIN : Harvest Heritage SHSM 2016 : April 1977 SS.

See photo. Painting of guitar rising from sea. Budget edition.

Shades Of Deep Purple, 1987 Re-Issue

GREAT BRITAIN : Harvest Heritage SHSM 2016 : November 1987 SS.

See photo. Abandoned car w. doll on. Printed from rejected 1977 artwork film in error, withdrawn immediately. Very rare.

Shades Of Deep Purple, Japan

JAPAN V1 : Polydor SMP 1426 : April 1969 DS.

See photo. Heads of band members across front. Polydor logo. Short lived edition, very rare.

Shades Of Deep Purple, Spain

All other vinyl editions substantially the same as Great Britain except ITALY (Parlophone PARL SPMBQ 33011) and ISRAEL (Parlophone PCS 7055) which had the word HUSH added; AUSTRALIA (Parlophone PCSO 7055) which had the title embossed; MEXICO (Capitol SLEM 146) which had the photo reversed and the title 'MURMULLO / HUSH' in Spanish (see photo).

Shades Of Deep Purple, Promo



See photo. White label promo in plain card sleeve + sticker, typed sheet with sleeve notes on, some copies autographed.



GREAT BRITAIN : EMI 7243 49833623 : Feb. 2000 CD

This is fully remastered from original quarter inch tapes (previous CD editions were vinyl dubs) with large booklet of rare pictures and extra tracks.
It is available from the
dpas online store


Also issued in mini album sleeve format in GREAT BRITAIN (EMI ORIGINAL BOX CDOMB 002 : 1995) and Japan (Teichiku TECW 21717)

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