Issue 19     August 1979
Still making huge profits for the Xerox corporation, Issue 19 had Paicey on the cover to mark his arrival in Whitesnake. All we needed now were two more...! However Glover was now officially busy elsewhere, with Rainbow, although plans for a Mk 2 reunion show in Spain during May were very well advanced before last minute hitches saw them called off.. Part three of the gig guide jostled for space with the discovery of several BBC transcription discs featuring previously unheard sessions, a delight for fans everywhere and, thanks to Tommy Vance airing them on his Friday Rock Show, soon being bootlegged to death. May saw Gillan's seventh line-up change in four years (funny how Blackers always has to compete!) and the one which would see them on to their most successful period record wise. If Gillan were about to peak, Down To Earth was getting the Simon treatment with Blackmore's work labelled 'uninspired' save for a glimmer of hope on 'Lost In Hollywood'. I was in his black books. Indeed I still am! We don't often make monumental blunders but page 14 saw us revealing Jon Lord's secret career as a children's book illustrator after we'd misunderstood his answer when we quizzed him about it backstage! So the Jon Lord who illustrated Book Of Taliesyn and the one who played on it were two different people. Nice glossy print with shots of Gillan and Blackmore from recent shows in the UK rounded the 'zine off (these are no longer available). We had these glossy sheets printed in London for many years - goodness knows why I never thought to try a local printer.
RAINBOW News : Graham Bonnet Joins Rainbow
Record Review : Down To Earth


New Rainbow Line-Up

The new line-up is: Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Cozy Powell (drums), Roger Glover (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), Graham Bonnet (vocals).

Graham Bonnet teamed up with cousin Trevor Ford in 1966 as The Marbles, and they had a hit with their very first single, 'Only One Woman'. Ritchie remembered Bonnet's voice and enquired to his whereabouts. Roger Glover seems to have tracked him down from various contacts in the production field. As for Roger being confirmed for live work, this is indeed a surprise - but a nice one. It's now six long years since he played on-stage in a group.

Down To Earth - Album Review
'Since You Been Gone' is nicely produced, with Roger coming up with a clear sound. Then the vocals come screaming out at me, like a second-rate Dio. Blackmore is up to his old tricks again near the end, some nice sounding guitar work gets the old burial treatment, just after I've praised the production! 'Lost In Hollywood'. Straight lift off 'Burn' and others, though promising for the live shows. 'All Night Long' is an amalgam of 'Smoke..' and Whitesnake's 'Come On'. Christ, somebody must be hard up for inspiration. The lyrics are worse than some of Coverdale's poorer chauvinistic outings. Bloody uninspired.


New Gillan Line-Up

May 1979 saw the announcement of Ian's seventh line-up change in four years. Out go Pete Barnacle and Steve Byrd. In come Mick Underwood and Bernie Torme. Underwood drummed with The Outlaws back in 1963/64, and in 1968/69 with Gillan in Episode Six. Since then he's played with the awful Strapps, who supported IGB's first UK tour. Torme's previous group, The Bernie Torme Band, supported Whitesnake at Hammersmith a while back.. "heavy flash punk" is how one of you described them then!

On the vinyl front, Ian reckons that the IGB 'Live At The Budokan' albums are now so dated in view of recent changes that their release over here has been scrapped. They aren't that good anyway - believe me. A new studio LP was released in Japan in July, leaving UK fanatics with four imports to fork out for! The plan is to issue an album in Britain in October, a compilation of the best of the two Japanese studio releases, the first of which was reviewed in Stargazer 18. I hope you can follow all of that!

The Marquee, London. 10th July 1979 - Live Review
"A similar show to the last line-up, with 'Secret of The Dance', 'Message In a Bottle' and 'Abbey Of Thelema' from their Japanese album, along with several new songs and 'Smoke On The Water'. In this track Bernie Torme gave a virtuoso intro and solo, and his tremendous attack and appearance showed that he was in complete command, an ingredient sadly lacking in Steve Byrd. This latest line-up just need some more substantial material to become a power in heavy metal." Barry Alcock

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Ian Paice on the drums, yeeah!
Regular readers will know that we've voiced our discontent about the drum department in Whitesnake for a couple of years, so obviously any change is to be welcomed.....but what a change! Whitesnake spent April and May laying down their second album, to be titled 'Lovehunter'. This was recorded at Clearwell, scene of 'Burn' and 'Stormbringer' rehearsals. It will feature Jon for the first time (rather than just overdubbing as on 'Trouble'), but not Paicey. Whitesnake did three tracks for a BBC Radio 1 studio session recently, broadcast on April 27th.


The latest news is that he has come out of his bad spell, which included time in hospital. It seems he was in danger of following in Tommy Bolin's footsteps at one time. Safari Records have decided to promote his first album by issuing a single from it , 'I Found A Woman', in July. It also looks as if he may return to live work with an as yet un-named band with the following line-up: Al Kooper (guitar), Jeff Baxter (guitar), Elliot Randall (guitar), Richie Hayward (drums), Neil Stubbenhaus (bass), Jai Winding (keyboards), Glenn Hughes (vocals). He says the group will be a cross between Steely Dan and The Isley Brothers. Ronnie Dio was originally drafted in as the vocalist, apparently, but left after just a few rehearsals to join Black Sabbath!

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