Issue 18     April 1979
Issue 18, and the Rainbow saga began to descend into farce. We'd broken the news of Dio leaving the previous issue. Nobody believed us, but now the search for a new singer was made public. As was Blackmore's liaison with Runaways guitarist Lita Ford. The man in black had also made many people's Christmas by guesting with Gillan at a show in London. Elsewhere the prospect of a band with Robin Trower, Ian Paice, Paul Rodgers and Jim Dewer sounded very promising, but sadly only lasted for one rehearsal. Gillan tried to lure Paicey back with an audition, while the Japanese album had landed - well at least a tape of it, as the vinyl was selling so fast importers simply couldn't get enough copies Feature wise we dived in with a series detailing Lord's classical works, which was to run for three issues. We were still underwhelmed by Whitesnake's first proper album and so skipped the special London shows in March, which got mixed reviews. The magazine ran to twelve pages with a glossy print of Blackmore stapled in. Moments after taking the pic, a bouncer threatened me with GBH if I didn't put the camera away. The good old days!
NEWS : Roger Glover & Don Airey
GILLAN RECORD REVIEW : Gillan (Japanese Album)
GILLAN LIVE REVIEW : Sheffield Polytechnic Union
WHITESNAKE LIVE REVIEW : Düsseldorf, Germany
bits & pieces NEWS :Ian Paice...Purple Compilation LP...


Roger Glover & Don Airey

Ronnie's departure was made official in late January 1979. The keyboard spot was filled over Christmas by Don Airey, who was pianist for Cozy Powell's Hammer back in 1974. It came as something of a surprise to learn that Roger Glover had been drafted in to help write material, and also to handle production chores. Cozy sneaked back to Britain and sat in on a session for Gary Moore on The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC TV) on January 12th.

Marquee, London. 27th December 1978 - Live Review

Blackmore also spent Christmas in Britain, probably to check out vocalists. He did take the chance to sneak down to Gillan's opening date at The Marquee, and join in for an encore. Blackmore also asked Gillan to join Rainbow. Ian said no, but in return asked Blackmore to join his band! But Ritchie, according to Gillan, wants to start at the top, and work from America, whereas Gillan wants to begin at the bottom and work his way up. Some of you were lucky enough to be at The Marquee on the night in question (gnashes teeth!)......

"We were all at the front, crushed, waiting for an encore, when the whole place erupted. It was Blackmore. He just walked out, smelt Steve Byrd's armpit, plugged in, and started.. He didn't replace Byrd, just joined in. He broke into 'Lucille', it was total bliss." Terry.


Gillan - Album Review

Eek. It's good! Right from the word go it's clear that this is a new band, and a new Gillan (or at least the old one revitalised!) Back is the raw, rough and ready sound which the IGB never had, and which Purple lost after 'Fireball'. The band haven't the technique or skill of Purple, but, by keeping things simple and doing straightforward songs with a minimum of solos they get away with it nicely. Compare this to 'Long Live..' or 'Trouble' and see how dated they sound.

Sheffield Polytechnic Union, February 1979 - Live Review

After a horrible HM disco, Gillan appeared to the usual Towns build-up. The sound and mix was terrible. In 'Child In Time' Gillan sang his part nicely, but the pratting about the stage which followed from the bassist and guitarist killed me off. The guitarist did bugger-all all night, except play rhythm, and some noises to open 'Smoke..'. 'Abbey of Thelema' provided one of the few memorable moments, with some knock-out quiet singing. I don't know...I've been playing the album over and over, yet I still get nothing out of the same stuff live...

Tour News

The band, officially now just ‘Gillan’ (but try telling promoters that!) did a three night stint at The Marquee, complete with ‘I Spent Christmas With Gillan’ balloons! Then in late Jan through to Feb, the group took on a wide-ranging UK Tour. The ‘Gillan’ album, which has been out in Japan for some months, wasn’t out to benefit from the tour though, because Ian couldn’t find a label to issue it! After some gigs in Spain, the group returned to the studios in London to complete some new tracks.

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Düsseldorf, 14th February 1979 - Live Review

“Whitesnake were supporting Nazareth, and they drew only 2000 people – the hall will hold 5000. About a third of the crowd had only come for Whitesnake, and left after they’d been on. It opened with ‘Come On’ and ‘Might Just Take Your Life’, where Bernie sang Glenn’s old part. He’s not the greatest guitarist technically, or a very imaginative player, but it was good straight to the point stuff, and enjoyable. But ‘Mistreated’ has too many memories, and I think they should leave it alone. It’s not made for a fat chunky Les Paul sound, but the intricate strat solos we know and love.” Werner Gortz

After touring Germany in late January and February, as support, they played a one-off benefit gig at the Hammersmith Odeon on March 3rd. ‘The Time Is Right For Love’ came out as a single in the UK around the same time, with a live b-side, which is a foretaste for the next album. Personally I think it’s too early for a live album, look at the duffer Rainbow came up with.

Bits & Pieces

Ian Paice

Robin Trower has jacked in his last band, and is currently trying to form a new one, to get into a much heavier style of music, rather than his recent laid back US material. On December 11th 1978 he had a practise session at the Soundhouse rehearsal studio in London with the following line-up: - Robin Trower, Ian Paice, Paul Rodgers, Jim Dewer. Good eh? However Trower is trying to get Ainsley Dunbar in to drum, or Reg Isadore (his original drummer, which seems silly)

Deep Purple, The Mark 2 Purple Singles - Album Review

An abysmal compilation issued in a limited edition (though no one seems to know how limited) and on purple vinyl. Edited tracks from ’24 Carat Purple’, ‘Powerhouse’, and ‘Singles A’s & B’s’, yes folks, it’s a sampler for the compilation albums!

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