Issue Thirteen  December 1977
Normal service was resumed for Issue 13 (not especially unlucky, although a load did go out with the last page upside down) and we were getting our breath back after Rainbow's European shows, as well as wondering what had happened to Bain and Carey and the third album... It was taking some time getting used to the larger venues though. We did several of the UK shows and were a little disappointed that the set hadn't progressed much, and also at catching a Blackmore 'wobbler' in Preston (a show reviewed for us by DPAS member Peter Judd - who still gets the magazine 24 years later! I also notice a credit to Nigel Young, also still with us). The band peaked for me at Manchester, though the quiet interludes which had made the '76 shows so incredible were being cut back and often ignored by the more hyped up elements in the crowd. All was quiet with the other ex-members too, PAL's break-up was about to happen (apart from a supposed sighting of Rod Evans working in a petrol station in America). More of our discography plus two A4 glossy photo pages (not available for the reprint) and loads of reviews rounded the issue off. I got my younger brother Giles to help us collate and staple the mag, which was xeroxed for us as individual pages (collating devices for copiers were still a way off). I think it was probably the last job he ever had....!
NEWS : Recording & Touring
LIVE REVIEW : Liverpool Empire
RECORD REVIEW : New, Live & Rare EP
bits & pieces NEWS : PAL split, Roger Glover, Rod Evans..


Recording & Touring

Most of the new studio album was recorded in June / July 1977. Mark Clarke played bass during the sessions, but Ritchie spent his spare evenings redoing these! According to Dio, Ritchie will be featured playing bass on six out of the eight numbers on the LP. The titles include 'Kill The King', 'Long Live Rock'n'Roll' and ‘Night People’, which were played during the 1977 tour. Rehearsals for the tour were at Shepperton Studios around September 17th. They managed to blow up a dry-ice machine and damage their computer whilst down there. The Helsinki show was cancelled. Ritchie arrived the day before, but the group’s gear was held up in customs and wasn’t cleared in time. After the UK shows the group finished off the album. This involved writing and recording another track.

Liverpool Empire , 5th November 1977 - Live Review

The first night at Liverpool the solos were not getting through to me like they should have. The next night was a little better and the magic returned, albeit briefly. There was a spectacular demolition job when Ritchie disappeared off the stage and reappeared in the ‘Royal Box’. After strumming around with his legs dangling over the edge, he proceeded to belt the instrument to bits, swinging the remains on the lead just above the crowd’s heads.


New Live & Rare - EP Review
Issued to make extra mileage out of ‘Painted Horse’. So why is ‘Black Night’ the A-side? Simple, if it got into the charts, they could show the 1970 promo film on Top Of the Pops. Sadly it got no further than no.31. Gillan mentioned the EP in a radio interview: “When we started doing ‘Scarabus’ in June I really wanted to use the ‘Painted Horse’ tune, then blow me they go and dig it out! If you listen to ‘Pre-Release’ from ‘Scarabus’, cop the melody line at the beginning of the verse..”


Scarabus - Album Review

“This ain’t a bad album, it would’ve been better if not for the rather clinical production – which also marred ‘Clear Air..’ somewhat. For me the pick of the tracks are ‘Slags To Bitches’,‘Twin Exhausted’ and ‘Mercury High’. ‘Fool’s Mate’ is an attempt to do ‘The Mule’ again. What a mess. Nauseef gets completely out of control, when is he going to get rid of the 1001 percussive obscurities and just knock shit out of his kit? This underlines the main fault with IGB – lots happening on the surface, but no real depth.” Stephen.

The ‘Painted Horse’ cop is quite clear, there’s a ‘Super Trouper’ lift also. By the way, Super Trouper is the trade name of a brand of powerful spotlights, this is likely where Gillan got the inspiration from _ “Super Trouper I can see you now, return your stare”.

Bits & Pieces

Means simply Paice & Lord now, ‘cos the group are no more. It seems that halfway through the second LP they decided to call it a day. Paice has been rumoured to be joining Paul McCartney’s Wings!

Roger Glover
‘Elements’ will be out in February 1978 now. He will not be doing any live work to promote it, feeling he hasn’t the charisma to carry such gigs off, unless it were a hit (it won’t be). Nor will he be carrying a bass for Coverdale’s outfit.

Rod Evans
That surprised you didn’t it? He’s not on the new Captain Beyond LP. That’s because he is now working as petrol pump attendant in America.

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