Issue Twelve, August/September 1977
Rainbow's 1976 tour had been incredible, so in early September 1977 we were getting all stirred up by the upcoming return of the band to Europe - fifteen shows in the UK alone. I put a cracking image of Ritchie on the front of Issue Twelve hoisting a mangled Strat aloft, I just wish we'd been able to print litho instead of xeroxing it all. Fan-club services were thrown around a bit as Ann was moving out of her parents place, and the magazine was a bit shorter than normal. I'd finished college and got work back in Sheffield (I'd done college without really thinking much about finding a job at the end of it - came as a bit of a shock when I found there weren't any) and for the time being had to move back into my parents house (luckily they had a big Victorian place so I was able to scrounge a room). I'd arrived in Manchester with a suitcase; it took my father's long wheel-base Land Rover to get everything back home in. Four pages of the mag. were taken up with what I planned as a serialised discography in A4 size, this first part covering Deep Purple's singles. I was really pleased with it, though it looks primitive now. As news was slow, to help pad out the mag. we reprinted a few foreign articles and also looked in detail at a couple more rare Blackmore sessions.
NEWS : 1977 European Tour Announced
NEWS : Recording & Touring
bits & pieces NEWS : Glenn Hughes


Kill The King - EP Review

Three numbers pulled from ‘On Stage’ and issued as album sales fall off . My suggestion was for a different version of ‘Kill The King’ plus ‘Do You Close Your Eyes’ on the flip, complete with the guitar demolition noises! They couldn’t care less though, so we get already available numbers instead.


European tour dates were released on August 24th. They kick off on September 23rd in Helsinki, and finish in Cardiff on November 22nd. We can only wait and see what this latest line-up is like. Events have happened so quickly that a quick resume is in order:

Dec.76 The World Tour ends, and Blackmore decides that Carey and Bain are no longer needed. Mark Clarke is hired to play bass. They rehire Tony Carey, but after Ritchie gets up to his usual ‘tricks’ he walks out this time for good. Then Ritchie fires Clarke. Hasty searching around provides two new replacements, both relatively unknown. Bob Daisley on bass, an Australian who has played with Chicken Shack and Widowmaker. On keyboards is Canadian David Stone, from Symphonic Slam.


The IGB return to the British stage for five gigs in October. They cancelled a tour of Germany in June, but made an appearance at the Klusirock Festival in Oulu, Finland on June 23rd. Recording of a third LP is complete too, and it will be out in September, as the group tour Japan. Ian visited there in early August for a bit of advance promotion, and was featured on TV singing ‘Get Back’ with a famous Japanese singer!



David has been over arranging a tour with a band called Whitesnake. He did a lot of radio interviews whilst here, and interesting facts emerged. One was that Ritchie asked David to do the vocals on his Rainbow album sometime in early 1975. What’s more, Coverdale agreed! Then Ritchie dug out the demos he’d already done for Coverdale to listen to. Coverdale didn’t think a great deal of the stuff, feeling it was a move back to ‘Machine Head’ days rather than a step forward, so he backed down.

Bits & Pieces

Glenn Hughes
Has his solo album out in Germany but nowhere else. Several rumours about his health, including one that he had passed on, have been going around. Truth is he’s been over in America getting married to Tommy Bolin’s girlfriend.

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