Issue Six, June/July 1976

With Issue Six we tried a small 11 page magazine format, using both litho and photocopied pages, cut to A5 and hand stapled back at the flat (flat - hah! In fact a shared room in one of the big old Manchester town houses). The extra pages enabled us to start a letters page, which we'd wanted to have for a while. The info sheets were now incorporated within the magazine, this issue it was Baby Face. Most of the mag was now being hammered out on a huge old second hand manual typewriter bought from one of Manchester¹s many junk shops. It left something to be desired but it was a step forward. Photocopying for long runs was still a little primitive (many copy machines still used rolls of paper like fax machines) and it was hard to get solid blacks but it did get better over the next few years. We were getting all excited as Rainbow had confirmed UK dates at last and the band's second album had left us agog when Fluff Freeman first aired it. We'd never heard anything as heavy as side 2! To get over the lack of news I'd taken out an airmail sub to Circus magazine and was selling a few tapes of old Pre Purple sessions and bootlegs to help cover costs.

Record Review : Rising
bits & pieces


Rainbow Rising - Album Review

'Tarot Woman'- Good melody, and a great chorus tune. The difference between this line-up and the first is immediate, Cozy seems to provide that drive which spurs Blackmore on. 'Run With The Wolf'- More uninspired, Dio sounds good, but can't make up for the lack of a tune. 'Starstruck' - reminds us of 'Hold On', strange as Ritchie doesn't like that track. 'Do You Close Your Eyes' - a reasonable track, a bit Elf-like, but still the most dispensable one on the album.'Stargazer' - I'd have to go back to the 'Fireball' LP to find a track which had as much impact on me the first time I heard it as this did. Undoubtedly one of the best things Blackmore has ever been involved in; perverse epic grandeur as NME put it. 'A Light InThe Black' - I wondered how they'd follow it but they do. These two numbers combine to form one of the most devastating album sides I've ever heard. It's going to be incredible live, we can only wait and see.

Tour Schedule

Rainbow are currently touring America on a two month cross country blitz. According to Purple Records UK dates are on for August, final venues still being worked out.

Bits & Pieces

Deep Purple

All quiet. Lord's busy with a new classical project, Bolin is touring the USA. He plans to use Purple members on his next solo LP and will record it in Munich specially.

Ian Gillan Band

Ian Gillan's album has reached me, sadly it's very disappointing. It seems to lack any direction. Anyhow, proper review next time. He now lives in France for tax reasons.

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