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June 11th, 2005. Chevrolet Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, PA.    Fingerlickin', Pick Flickin' Good

"The weather in Pittsburgh was hot and so was the band. The show was held in conjunction with the Rib America Fest, so the food was also hot and they passed out Rolaids and breath mints. Set list was the same as Portsmouth. The crowd packed the Chevrolet Amphitheater and the music attracted a huge crowd estimated at over 10,000.

Tickets were cheap, $20 for Gold Circle seats and $5 for general admission Ė made fans of everybody! Not sure how this pricing worked out, but a great bargain. Ianís voice was superb.

Steve was amazing and blew the audience away on Contact Lost and Well Dressed Guitar, along with the rest of the set. Donís solo was perfect, playing Star Wars and mixing in The Simpsonís theme. Roger was having a ball and Ian P. was smiling all night.

Bananas material was well represented along with great classic tracks. I donít think I ever saw a concert where the band genuinely appreciated the audience support, great rapport. Ian and Roger flicked out hundreds of picks it seemed.

The audience ate up the whole show, along with the ribs! Good luck to the band on the rest of the tour, the fans are in for a great show, canít wait for the new material."

review & photos, Bill Shore

June 12th, 2005. 'Harborfest', nTelos Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA. 

"They played mostly old stuff because Portsmouth was having a festival called "Harborfest", so the band anticipated a "holiday" crowd. Roger Glover said that the band had wanted to play a song from the new album, but did not have a chance to rehearse in Pittsburgh or in Portsmouth . . . so, you DP fans down the line are in for a treat . . . please tell us how it sounds!!..."   see Mark Bryant's full review + set list

"All in all, it was a great, entertaining evening. Deep Purple were nearly perfect. For my taste, they could only have improved the show if they had included a few more numbers from their more recent albums (Purpendicular and Abandon, in particular), a few from In Rock ("Flight of the Rat" and "Living Wreck" come to mind), and if Steve Morse had been given more time to go wild on the guitar. This was only my second Deep Purple concert - I saw the Mark III band during 1974 so this was my first live look at Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Steve Morse, and Don Airey. They did not disappoint. " review: Dale Johnson

June 14th, 2005. House Of Blues, Cleveland.    Accidentally On Purpose

"The band were in fine form at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. Big Ian was very impressive, nailing all the songs. Paicey as usual was mopping the floor up with most drummers, (of any age). He is truly amazing. Glover is so enthusiastic and it is obvious that he loves playing live. The crowd could not help but to be caught up in this very good show. The set list remained the same.

One interesting occurrence was a slight mistake during the beginning of Space Trucking where I think Don Airey came in late, so Morse strums two chords way out of place just to rub it in and mess with everyone. This is one of the all time great rock bands playing great and having fun on stage. Anyone who catches this band live is guaranteed to have a great time." review: John Warrington

"The last time I saw Deep Purple was in 2002 at Tower City Center in Cleveland just after Don Airey joined. I have to say that the band are much tighter now, and Don really seems to have come into his own. His solos are more melodically developed and less focused on scales and arpeggios, and he seems to be having a lot more fun during the duels with Steve Morse. His long solo was very diverse and a lot more interesting than the last time I heard him. He quoted from a variety of classical pieces, including a Bach invention and "Rhapsody in Blue...."    see Amanda Lukacsko's full review

June 15th, 2005. Palace Theater, Louisville.    Accidentally On Purpose

"I drove 500 miles round trip to see this show with my son (14) and were just totally blown away. First of all, the venue was just amazing, a small theater of about 2,000 or so seats, the absolute best place to see a concert. The crowd were very pumped up before the show, many old Deep Purple T-shirts along with a few Rainbow ones also.

The band, well they were just fantastic, all of the guys were on top of their game from the very start (same great set list as previous shows). They played the older songs with energy and the newer tunes with flawless execution, it looked like they were having a blast. We tried to get a backstage pass but they were all spoken for so we took a chance and waited outside maybe to catch a glimpse on their way to the hotel. Don came out first and came over to us chatted and talked with all (about 12 people) signed and shook hands then the rest of the band came out and did the same. These men are truly some of the classiest performers in the world, they did not leave until all hands were shook, things signed and compliments exchanged. In a word...superb....a concert and more that my son and I will never forget." review: Jim and Eric Stoff, Highland, Illinois

"It seemed that Donís organ and keyboards were too low in the mix early on. I thought perhaps the fact that Steveís amps were pointed right at me was altering my sense of the full bandís sound, but Don kept motioning for more volume during the middle section of ďWoman From Tokyo.Ē They finally got the sound right and Don came through loud and clear during the remainder of the set..." see Matthew Turnage's full review

June 17th, 2005. 'Fox Fest', Ionia Free Fairground.    A Mini Woodstock With Breast Baring & Moshing

"Unbelievable, What an atmosphere! Smiles on everyone's faces. Anyway, to say the band sounded great is an understatement. Steve, Roger, Paicey and Don Airey were the consummate professional musicians, always tight (especially for Space Truckin'). And what can I say about Ian Gillan? This man can sing his balls off!! His voice was in top shape all night. The highlights were Perfect Strangers and the new material ( I say this because I saw the Machine Head tour last year in Detroit ). I couldn't believe how many 16, 17 year old kids there were?! And they were really into the music. I guess corporate America hasn't infected us all. The best damn show I've been to in a long time"  review: Chris Chirpka

"The crowd was so huge I couldn't even see the back of it from up front. Gillan and Morse seemed impressed by the tremendous size and enthusiasm of the crowd, based on their giggling early on. Or, perhaps it was the shenanigans in the crowd, what with an amazing amount of moshing and breast-baring, all of it, going on. Gillan joked that the breast-baring was what got him into rock 'n' roll. He did some Tai Chi-like hand movements and screamed his bloody head off. I'm just amazed that if you listened to Gillan circa 1988, his voice sounded roached, and now it sounds scintillating like the early '70s, but he can't scream or hit the high notes quite as consistently as back then. But, that's no criticism: he still sounds phenomenal.." see James Gemmell's full review

June 18th, 2005. Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Canada.    Lesley West & Lazy    

"I just saw Purple in Toronto, and they played a great show!! Leslie West from Mountain joined them for "Smoke On The Water"!! Great fun, good mix of tunes, similar setlist to recent shows, but they played "Lazy" as well. Great entertainment, keep it up guys." review: Dave Binnie, Carlisle, Ontario

"We were blessed again in Toronto to have Purple return for the 3rd time in a little over a year (it'll soon be a fourth!). Initially I was going to pass on this one, being afraid of having virtually no Morse era numbers in the set. I wish I could say it was all from Purpendicular onward but it was virtually the same as last time...with the fine exception of Demon's Eye!!!! This was a surprise for me...I had not read any accounts of their live show in quite some time...It made the four hour trek down worth every minute of it. Even the tried and true numbers from the Blackmore daze had a fresh slant put on them this time...especially Highway Star. I had both my kids with me this time and I think they enjoyed the show. With the impressive list of Morse era tunes mounting, maybe they should do a rethink for the next tour. Great show and a great time. Thanks Purps!! But more Morse!!!!" review: Rod Sein

"Caught Deep Purple for the 3rd time in 16 months last weekend. As always, a stellar performance from the band . The setlist had changed very little from 2004's Toronto shows, save for the notable addition of Demon's Eye. Great !! I was disappointed that both prior Morse albums, Purpendicular & Abandon, are still missing in action on this tour. Leslie West's jam with Steve on Smoke simply didn't work.The Mountain man seemed preoccupied with what was ( or wasn't !!) coming out of his amps. Perhaps trading blues licks on Lazy would've been better. I anxiously await the Fall release of the new album, and hope for another Toronto show before too long." review: Mike Whiteley. Photo: Dave Kington. Click the pic to view a full gallery.

"UK heavy rock legends DEEP PURPLE were in Toronto, ON last night with openers TRICKY WOO, MOUNTAIN and APRIL WINE performing at the sold-out Molson Amphitheatre. "We're about 80% done with the record," bassist Roger Glover told Bravewords backstage. "In about two weeks Ian (Gillan) will be back in Los Angeles (at producer Michael Bradford's home strudio) finishing up the vocals then we're pretty much done. The album is much heavier than Bananas." As previously reported, the followup to 2003's Bananas will feature twelve new tracks. Bradford is expected to mix the album later this month. Glover says the album will be released in October through a soon-to-be-announced label."
Thanks to Metal Tim / and the Brave Words & Bare Knuckles website at

June 19th, 2005. Corel Centre, Ottawa, Canada.    Here We Go !!...     

"The band was in excellent form at the Corel Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. They blazed through their 1 1/2 hour set. These guys are having fun! I don't think Roger or Steve stopped smiling throughout the whole show. The set list was the same as Portsmouth. I've never heard 'Silver Tongue' before, it was a great opening number. "Here we go !!!" were Ian's words before they starting into their 3 Machine Head songs before the encores. I was worried how Steve would do with the classic Purple songs. There was no need to, as he was able to put his own brand on them without upsetting the faithful followers. The show seemed to pass by so fast. My only complaint is that it was not longer." review: Brian Jackson,  photo: Chantal Guilbault

"This was my first ever Deep Purple concert and I must say it was fantastic! Ian is a great showman, he really worked the crowd. Steve Morse made me forget about Ritchie Blackmore. This guy rocks! As for Don Airey, loved his solo! He pleased the crowd with the Star Wars theme and made us all stand up for O Canada. I was also glad to hear Demon's Eye, one of my favorite DP songs. The only negative was that it was a short set. Less than 90 minutes. Time was wasted by a so-so performance by Mountain and a not bad one by April Wine. Let them continue to rock Canada at Live 8 on July 2nd!" review: Luc Bellefeuille.

"I flew all the way from Europe to see the shows in Toronto and Ottawa. The only gripes I have are that the toilet facilities in the Molson Amphitheatre are woefully inadequate and the Corel Centre is an awfully long way out of town. Apart from that, the band were brilliant ... and seeming to enjoy themselves immensely. What an inspiration to see a bunch of fiftysomethings (but not for long, Ian!) jumping around making great music with such a sense of fun.

The crowds were a little tame at first: there was a guy near me shouting at people to sit down, but he soon stood up when Don launched into O Canada. Everyone was rocking by the time Highway Star came around. A few more dates in Western Europe, please." review, photo & social commentary: James Whitworth!

"Superb!!!...Superb!!! as Big Ian would say. On the road again and still rocking!! Great show, great atmosphere, great feelings. The band was in the best form that I`ve ever seen. Steve was laughing and joking with Ian. Roger was anchoring each and every song, Ian Paice (on the drums, YES!!!) proving once again why he is indeed the best and Don Airey magically replacing Mr. Lord seemlessly. The oldies and a rarities were dusted off and given a proper and thorough thrashing. The sound system was perfect and clear. Great, great show..... I`ve seen the band several times over the past few years and this has to be one of the best!!!"   review: Gary Poronovich, Ottawa

June 20th, 2005. John Labatt Centre, London, Ontario, Canada.    Best Damn Monday In Decades

"What a fantastic show Purple put on for several thousand fans here in South-Western Canada. The final show of three Canadian dates on the 2005 tour. And we all appreciate you jamming for us on the way to the US. My stepfather and I were fortunate enough to score last minute second-row-floor-seats. Great way to experience the band (close-up). The sound, I'm sure, is "fuller" behind the P.A.system...but being right in front of Ian, Roger, Ian, Steve, and Don for an hour and a half of new and old classics was simply brilliant. You can fell the "vibe" they are creating on-stage. The set was structured well, ending with five "one-after-another-classics" from their earlier days. Steve Morse, with no question, is a "guitar-god". That man owns his instrument and plays it with ease and clarity! I brought my "Steve is Amazing" and was fortunate enough to hang it high during his amazing solo. And in return...I got several guitar/bass picks from the gig...and a head full of songs and memories of one of the greatest rock bands ALIVE! Thanks Deep Purple for rocking the young and the older in London Monday June 20th, 2005! Best damn "Monday" I've had in decades. Rock On! Paul Y. "   Photo: Brad Kennedy

new, June 24th    London, Ontario photo gallery

"It doesn't get any better than this! The band is tighter and having more fun than ever. I was initially a little concerned about the similarity of the set list with recent visits and the lack of Purpendicular material, but the performance was so impressive it really didn't matter! I was fortunate to take in both the Toronto and London shows in the past three days and in the smaller London venue the band seemed more relaxed." Review: Tom Jory

"With encores still to come, Gillan proved the Deep Purple point. Played with conviction and fun, classic rock never sounds old. Maybe the time on stage with Deep Purple helped compensate April Wine's Myles Goodwyn and Brian Greenway for too short a set. But alongside veteran guitarist Greenway and bassist Jimmy Clench, Goodwyn made the most of that time before a crowd of 3,190 fans at the nearly sold-out show. Deep Purple and April Wine have been big draws in London. Deep Purple briefly held the attendance record -- about 4,000 fans -- at the old Wonderland in 1971. Wine drew 20,000 fans to a free concert at Victoria Park in 1992...." read the full review by The London Free Press

June 23rd, 2005. Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT.    Kicked Butt

"Wow, the show kicked butt. This was the second concert that I've been to and the first was also Deep Purple. It was on my birthday. What a present, they were excellent. Silver Tongue was a great way to start off the show, but it took until about the fifth song of the night, Perfect Strangers, to get the crowd off their seats. But after that everybody was on their feet. I couldn't stay still because the band rocked so hard, and they were all having a great time. If you see Deep Purple during this tour or in the future you will not be disappointed, they just kick butt. THANKS Steve, Roger, Ian, Ian and Don, you guys are the greatest. I can't wait for the new cd and to see you on tour again. Thanks, Gary M "

June  25th, 2005. South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA.   Strange Kind Of Concert

"When Purple first started touring the States more aggressively in 1996 following Morse's arrival in the band, writing reviews of the gigs for the various Purple Web sites was something I completed after every show. Lately, I haven't kept up quite as much, perhaps because seeing Purple on this side of the pond (often at the same venues every year) isn't such a novelty anymore. But the show in Cohasset Mass on June 25 is worthy of dusting off the old pen and paper. Not just because Purple were great and possibly better than ever, but because it was the probably the strangest Purple show I have ever seen..."
see Brendan Johnston's full review , photo: Bob Ronan & friend

"I took a bunch of 15 year olds, and was looking forward to seeing the looks on their faces when they see a real rock and roll band. The guys were just fantastic. These kids, who usually listen to Offspring and Green Day just loved it. My daughter was (of course) familiar with Purple and screamed till she lost her voice. Her friend who plays drums watched Ian Paice with amazement. He said "That was the greatest thing I ever saw!" I was thrilled that they had a good time.

It's funny, every time I go to a Deep Purple concert, I wonder when they will turn the corner, lose that quality that makes them so special. Well it ain't happening. I'll be damned if they weren't better than when I saw them last summer. Ian's voice just filled the air, very high in the mix but man he still has it. No he won't be singing Child in Time but he still sounds awesome. The setlist was pretty much the same with some slight variation. They did a great version of Lazy during the encore. At the very beginning of the concert I swear they were playing The Mule as the sound was coming up. Then it was Silver Tongue.

I honestly don't know how these guys do it. They still sound great, look great and jump around the stage like kids. Still my favorite band and I think some teenagers have a new level of respect as well. I hope the new album gets some airplay. This is a great band that deserves to be seen and heard! One final note to DP, WTF was the deal with a comedian as the opening act? Never, Never do that. It was definite cringe material." review: Frank Fitzgerald

June 27th, 2005. Borgata Resort Spa & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ     Doing The Business Seminar

"When my wife and I entered the Borgata, a beautiful place, it felt like we were on our way to see a Tom Jones lounge act, even walking into the Event Center you felt you were going to a business seminar. But anyway there isn`t a bad seat in the house and the sound was just fine. Plus, the bar was open til the end, which is a rarity in Jersey.

On to the show. The Fatman & Mountain came on about 8:10. He can`t sing but he can play with the best. Corky Laing is always fun to watch and their new bass player adds some life to the old band. Deep Purple came out with Silver Tongue again, they have better openers, but what the hell. The crowd were on their feet from the start, except during Contact Lost, but Gillan came up behind Morse and had everybody back on their feet giving him a hand. The crowd never sat again, dancing and moving in front of the seats and aisles. I haven`t seen a pumped up crowd like this (mostly 40`s & 50`s like myself with some 20 & 30 somethings sprinkled in) at a Purple show on the East coast since the Meadowlands in March '85. It was a treat seeing Leslie West come out for Smoke on the Water and also to hear Demon`s Eye. Gillan said he didn`t think it was on the Fireball U.S. release, but if I remember if you bought the 45` single, Fireball was on side one and Demon`s Eye was on the flip side. Anyway thanks for the LONG HAIR again Ian and we hope the band enjoyed us like we enjoyed them. The place was only about 70% full, but who cares, it was great." review: John McKenna

July 2nd 2005. Live 8, Park Place, Barrie    Live 8  

"Purple just finished their three track set here in Barrie, Ontario. Big Ian said he was speechless! Highway Star, "Smoke" and Hush were the three played. The crowd went wild, and were clamouring for an encore. Great to see them in on this great cause- thanks Guys! I saw them in Toronto recently, and they are just getting better all the time." Dave Binnie, Ontario Canada.

"Today in Barrie, Ontario, Canada - about a 1 hour drive north of Toronto, Deep Purple took the stage at 3pm EST, and played 3 numbers. Opening with Highway Star, followed by Smoke on the Water, then Hush - to conclude the 20 minute set. The crowd wanted more, but the stage hands had already begun to dismantle the gear...." Robert Kirk, Manitoba. Canada."

Live 8 Canada fan & press reviews

The full Live 8 Canada show is available to view at the aol music channel
** Deep Purple's three tracks can also be accessed individually **
"The BBC3 show, 'Live 8 on Three: The Best Of' (on Wed.7th July) included 'Smoke on the Water'." Richard Taylor

July 2nd 2005. Davis Park, Rockford, Illinois    High Energy Level

"It took 7 hours to get to Rockford. And it was well worth it. All the guys looked good and the show was great! It was good to see Don and Roger again after many years. The weather was perfect for an outside gig. The crowd was loud and lovin' the show. Would do it again." Anne, Dave, Nicole and Mike from Michigan

" It was a beautiful night for an outdoor show. The venue was Davis Park at Founderís Landing in downtown Rockford. A really nice outdoor park right along the river. This was the last stop on the current leg of the Bananas Tour and a unique evening. The boys played their regularly scheduled show in Minneapolis on 1 July, then bussed over to Toronto, Ontario to participate in Live 8 (to raise awareness of global poverty) then fly back to Rockford for this eveningís show.

Although the boys had every right to be a little down, I found nothing of the sort. They came out with a very high energy level which was returned 10-fold by the audience. The band sounded great and everyone turned in excellent performances. Big Ian in particular sounded fantastic and hit every note he went after." review: Tim Phillis


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