Deep Purple - 'Live In Stockholm1970'
Konserthuset 12 Nov. 1970

"It's just astonishingly intense in places. The balance takes a little while to settle down at the start of 'Speed King' but once they're over that hurdle, the band members just seem to be pushing all the time. I found myself totally wrapped up in the first verse of 'Child In Time', just concentrating hard, trying to take it all in. It was like being at a live gig.

Instrumentally it just pulls the listener in as they get harder and heavier. I began asking myself whether this was the best section of live Deep Purple I'd ever heard on disc (I suppose there must be a 'best' version of all their tracks - maybe we should discuss). Before I could decide, I began to be sucked into the twenty plus minute version of 'Wring That Neck', and once more the band just absolutely pile into it. I had to give up after that, and will try the rest tomorrow. It's always been one of my very favourite tapes, ever since the first bootlegs turned up, but the new studio work gives it an added clarity and power which in places made it seem like listening to a new show. Were I to try and decide between this and 'Made In Japan', well - I just hope I never have to!"  Simon Robinson

Introduction / Speed King / Into The Fire / Child In Time / Wring That Neck / Paint It Black / Mandrake Root / Black Night

"It was a long time coming but my God was it worth the wait. The new mix is wonderful - clear, bright, powerful, and really shows off Purple's singular ability for improvisation, not to mention their energy. And it's loud too (as Purple always should be!). I'd always been very fond of Scandinavian Nights and it was a disc I played often, but this new mix version just blows it out the water. Having the tracks in the original running order is pleasing too and it seems to make for a much better paced set. Simon's raving about this CD is spot on and if you haven't ordered this yet, do so now. Every home should have one! Oh, and to all my fellow Classic Rock readers out there, this is why Purple were always better than Led Zeppelin. So there! Best wishes, Martin Burton"

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