Yeni Melek, Istanbul
April 2nd 2005

Istanbul was the last stop for Glenn Hughes Soul Mover tour. This time he was solo , and apart from Joe Lynn Turner with the same band as his last visit here.

The Lizards played first, for almost 50 minutes. Bobby Rondinelli played an excellent long solo, and I really enjoyed seeing him perform live. For Glenn Hughes, we were expecting the same set list as the first gigs of the tour, and right enough they started with Soul Mover, a good opener. However, after a couple of numbers the set list began to deviate from the initial concerts. They played 5 Deep Purple songs plus the old Mk 3/4 encore Going Down, which was a nice surprise. For that particular song the bass was handled by The Lizards' bassist. JJ on guitar was amazing all night. His playing on Mistreated and Getting Tighter was particularly excellent. He ran all around the stage with V type Gibson guitar during the gig, and received a very warm audience reaction throughout. The drummer was OK. For the keyboard player, I can only say that there was a guy referred to as 'Teddy Bear' ( by Glenn Hughes) near the keyboards, but I couldn't hear anything from him at all. The keyboards were also inaudible at last year's HTP gig. The mix also proved a problem for Glenn this time. The guitar was too high and in most times we had problems hearing Glenn's singing.

The highlights were Mistreated, Getting Tighter and Going Down. The solo spots for Glenn in Mistreated and Getting Tigther were amazing. The audince went crazy on Mistreated and Burn. They sang along with Glenn on those songs and Glenn showed that he was enjoying it. We hope to see him in Istanbul again soon (maybe with Tony Iommi!!)

review & photo (and scan of the set list!)
: Tarik Burcoglu

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