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Whitesnake : An Illustrated Biography

Whitesnake : An Illustrated Biography Whitesnake : An Illustrated Biography Omnibus : ISBN 0711915504 : 1989
230X290mm softback 96 pages

Tom Hibbert's cut and paste effort was followed by this more serious; work by Simon Robinson, so over to him: "An attempt by myself to do for Whitesnake a similar job to the; publisher's Deep Purple tome. They accepted the idea, as the group; had just broken through chart wise in a bigger way than ever before,; and paid me a modest advance to get this off the ground. I spoke to; several people involved in the story, though not the man himself, who; didn't want to be involved. It takes the Whitesnake saga from DC's; early days through to the amazing 1987 album, and there are loads of; rare pictures in black and white (they wouldn't run to colour). It; includes a detailed discography appendix.

There was a full gig list; too (put together with the help of Neil Murray who was very hands on); but this was hacked out by whoever did the design work. The book was launched but mysteriously there was no advertising or; press on it, and it later turned out that the man himself or his; manager (who had ironically helped out a lot!) exerted pressure. They; couldn't get it stopped (there was certainly nothing controversial in it) but after the first print run it suddenly went out of print and; all enquiries were stone walled. I never got a sales statement or; royalty payment either! As we own the text, I have been talking recently to an author about; updating the book - esp. as more info has now come to light on the; early days etc. For now due to the limited run this is quite a rare book. "