Darker Than Blue
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We have been working hard to achieve a version of the magazine suitable for downloading. We are very aware from correspondence that some people in places like America and Australia would like to get the magazine, but postal costs to these locations have made it quite expensive to subscribe.

DTB have now been able to generate a special download edition optimised for viewing on a computer screen and also printing out for personal use. Despite the careful compression criteria it's still a fairly large file - around 30MB - so you will need to be on (or have access to) broadband to download it (or the patience of a saint). It has been generated in PDF (portable document file) format which can be opened on a computer and read using Acrobat V4.0 (or higher) software. Acrobat reader software is industry standard, free for Mac or PC and up to date versions can be downloaded from the Adobe web site. You will then be able to view the magazine page by page on your computer.

Depending on your screen size and resolution, you can enlarge it to a size which is easy to read - around 200% works best. The file is unlocked so you will be able to print it. Best results will be obtained for the black and white pages by using a laser printer or if using a colour inkjet printer by selecting the black cartridge only.

A special copyright page is also attached to the file which will enable you to take the PDF files to a bureau for outputting a single copy (print-shops normally require such a document before outputting any commercial files).

One reason for the delay in offering this service has been the concern about digital theft and piracy, but we have taken steps to help prevent this both via the download provider and the files themselves.

We are trialing one issue to see how it goes. The price is comparable to ordering a back-issue in the UK, but to protect our regular subscribers it is cheaper to take out a subscription in the UK. In addition, the current issue will ONLY be available to subscribers, and the quality of the download edition will never be as high as the printed copy due to the limitations of file size and image resolution.

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