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Recorded April / May 1976,
Kingsway, London.

[1] The Craig Song: vocals Eddie Hardin 1.34 [2] When The Sun Stops Shining: vocals Ray Fenwick 2.40 [3] Loose Ends: vocals Jimmy Helms, (bass Roger Glover) 4.16 [4] Money To Burn, vocals David Coverdale 3.54 [5] Whose Counting On Me, vocals Mike D'Abo/Mike Smith 4.45 [6] Make It Soon, vocals Eddie Hardin 2.24 [7] Until Tomorrow Part 1 - 4, vocals Glenn Hughes 6.53 [8] Light Of My Life, vocals Glenn Hughes /Eddie Hardin 3.44 [9] She's A Woman, vocals Jimmy Helms (piano Jon Lord) 6.40 [10] Swanks And Swells Part 1, vocals Tony Ashton/Chris Barber Band 3.29 [11] Swanks And Swells Part 2, vocals Chris Barber Band 1.13


GREAT BRITAIN V1 : RCA Victor RS 1085 : 1976
Photos from sessions on front. Lyric sheet. An Eddie Hardin project with guests inc Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes,. Roger Glover, Mark Nauseef, Tony Ashton, Pete York and others. See photo.

CANADA : RCA Victor PPL 1.8118 : 1976 as UK

GERMANY : RCA Victor PPL1 8118 : 1976 DS. Front and back as UK with colour painting of a wizard across photos on front. Lyrics on inner gatefold. See photo.


GREAT BRITAIN V2 : President Records PTLS 1079 : 1986
Musicians listed down left, picture of house & car on front. Retitled Money To Burn. Back has photo of old truck + track / guest listing. See photo.

GREAT BRITAIN : Connoisseur VSOP LP 139 : 1989 2LP
Double with Butterfly Ball and Wizard's Convention in a gatefold sleeve with new sleeve art.


GREAT BRITAIN : Connoisseur VSOP LP 139 : 1989 CD
Deleted Butterfly Ball in full plus six tracks off Wizard's Convention. See photo.

GERMANY: Repertoire Records REP 4474-WY: 1994 CD
Deleted original album plus 6 bonus tracks, most of which are not from the session.

GREAT BRITAIN : Eagle EDM CD 080 : 1999 : 2CD
Deleted original album plus 21 bonus tracks, most of which have nothing to do with the session.
See photo.

GREAT BRITAIN : Purple Records PUR 316 : 2003 CD
Original album plus two bonus tracks from the session, and new packaging. See photo.


Loose Ends / She's A Woman UK : RCA 2760 : Nov 1976
A single from the LP credited to JIMMY HELMS.

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