Deep Purple Discography


Mk 3. Recorded August 1974
Musicland Studios, Munich,
and The Record Plant, Los Angeles.
Charts : UK 6 / US 20

1: Stormbringer / Love Don't Mean A Thing / Holy Man / Hold On 2 : Lady Double Dealer / You Can't Do It Right /
Highball Shooter / The Gypsy / Soldier Of Fortune


GREAT BRITAIN : Purple TPS 3508 : November 1974 SS

Painting of winged horse in a tornado across front & back. Name in red/pink, title below in red. (see photo) Lyrics across back cover. From 1989 bar code added to back and printers name blanked out.

AMERICA V1 : Warner Brothers PR 2832 : November 1974 SS
As UK but much bluer, name in red, title smaller & white. Line from Highball Shooter lyric missing on UK sleeve is restored.

AMERICA V2 : Warner Brothers PR4 2832 : 1975 SS
Quadraphonic remix gives different sound to most tracks. Soldier Of Fortune has a different vocal part at one point. Quad logo on sleeve. (see photo)


CANADA V1 : Warner Brothers PR 2832 : 1974 SS
As USA with Warner Brothers palmtree label.

CANADA V2 : Warner Brothers PR 2832 : 197-

As above but name in orange on front.

JAPAN V1 : Warner Brothers P 8524W : 1974 SS Early copies had poster in. Cover as USA

JAPAN : Warner Brothers P 1011W : 197- SS
as above

All other vinyl editions substantially the same as Great Britain except:

ARGENTINA (EMI Odeon 8043 : 1974)
where title is in Spanish - Traetormentas - on front. Two editions exist, later one has a 'Heavy Metal' logo added (see photo).

URUGUAY (Odeon SURL 21555) also has the title Traetormentas


MOZAMBIQUE (Purple TPS 3508)
uses a hand painted copy of UK art in black on orange (see photo)



the LP is retitled SOLDIER OF FORTUNE and the track Stormbringer is omitted (see photo).

EU : EMI TPSD 3508 / 5099926464213 : Feb 23. 2009 2LP

LP 1/2 - Original album remastered

LP 3/4 - Glenn Hughes remixes Holy Man / You Can't Do It Right / Love Don't Mean A Thing / Hold On + High Ball Shooter (instrumental - from 6CD box set) + 3 Quad versions in stereo.



The album was originally called SILENCE and a sleeve mock-up was made (see photo).

They then changed the title to STORMBRINGER and a new mock-up was made but rejected as too destructive an image! (See photo).

Both these were one-offs and are in the DPAS Archives.

The final sleeve painting was closely based on a famous photograph of a tornado in America.


EU : EMI TPSX 3508 / 5099926464527 : Feb 23. 2009 2CD

CD 1 - Original album remastered + Glenn Hughes remixes Holy Man / You Can't Do It Right / Love Don't Mean A Thing / Hold On + High Ball Shooter (instrumental - from 6CD box set)

CD 2 (DVD) - Original album Quadrophonic mix 4.1 DTS 96/24 and stereo 48/24

2009 DPAS/Darker Than Blue.
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