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Deep Purple History:  Quite a lot. Of course, Purple played their first two American concerts, supporting Cream, at the Inglewood Forum. Bernt Küpper visited as many locations as he could on a 10 day trip to the area last year...

Details: First up is "The Whisky" on Sunset Boulevard. This is the club where Ian Paice and Ritchie Blackmore caught a Trapeze concert in December 1972, which lead to Glenn Hughes being asked to join Deep Purple the following year. (see right)

The bulk of Tommy Bolin's 'Teaser' album and some vocals and overdubs for the 'Stormbringer' album were recorded at the Record Plant, on North Sycamore Avenue. (see right)

"Glen Holly" is a very short street in the Hollywood Hills where the Alphonse Mouzon / Tommy Bolin jam took place.

Alphonse told me: "I remember playing there but I don't remember the house. A friend of Tommy's called Philip Polimini used to live there. There are some bootlegs called 'Mind Transplant Rehearsals'. This is nonsense because this session was several months earlier. It has nothing to do with 'Mind Transplant'. Tommy rang me up: 'Hi Phonzee'. He used to call me Phonzee. 'What about jamming a bit down in Hollywood? Let's meet and play!' That's all. I had played with him before. Tommy played in a club in Boulder around 1973 and Larry (Coryell) and me sat in."

I drove to Glen Holly and spoke to some of the residents. One older man said: "I don't know that guy Philip Polimini. But from the late 60s until the mid 70s the house with number 6124 always had musicians going in and out to jam and have parties. Some of the Doors used to live there too." So, I'm quite optimistic that I have taken a pic of the correct house. (see right)

Cherokee Studios, on North Fairfax Avenue, was where Tommy Bolin recorded his 'Private Eyes' album. Whitesnake also used Cherokee, amongst many studios, for the 1987 album. (see right)

My attempt to photograph 1420 Beechwood Drive (where Deep Purple Mark 4 and Rainbow Mark 2's rehearsals took place) unfortunately didn't work out. Beachwood Drive is an extremely long road, but the most interesting section (for Purple Fans) is a private street controlled by guards. It is now the location of the "Sunset Gower Film Studios". Only members of the crew are allowed to enter the studios.

I also visited the location of the California Jam. The "Ontario Motor Speedway" was closed around 1980, and the area is now covered in huge hotels etc.

Thanks to Bernt Küpper for both the photos and the narrative, also Tim Summers and Nigel Young for extra input.

Amendment 30/09/06: Further to the mention of Beechwood Drive, where Deep Purple Mk 4 rehearsed in 1975, here is a contemporary photograph taken during the period the band were in residence. You can see the Pirate Sound Studio logo up on the wall. Also shown is a picture of the group inside at work, which appeared on the CD of the rehearsal tapes.

Colour photo : Fin Costello,
courtesy Purple Records.

'The Whisky', click to enlarge

'The Record Plant', click to enlarge

Glen Holly, click to enlarge

Cherokee Studios, click to enlarge

Pirate Sound Studios 1975
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Mk4 at Pirate Sound Studios 1975
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The Record Plant website

Cherokee studios website

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