Issue 21  March/April 1980
As funds would only stretch so far we had to miss Gillan's March 1980 tour, as we'd already planned to catch several of the Rainbow gigs (and bought tickets) including the show at the Rainbow Theatre in London, after which we had a five and a half hour journey back home via deserted bus stations and Luton airport, getting home at 5 am to find the yard full of coppers trying to catch the local burglar (we were living in a really grotty flat above a lock-up shop next to a Police Station, but it didn't seem to put off Burglar Bill who thought he could get through to the lock-up shop via our flat. What he hoped to find of value in a hairdressers I really can't imagine)! We also managed to sneak a camera in to a couple of shows, usually a few fan club people each taking a piece in which I then reassembled inside! Most of these were black and white and I did the developing and printing myself. I'd also invested in one of those architects' stencil rulers, and laboriously hand lettered the headings. Issue 21 was also not quite so stroppy as the previous one in editorial terms either. Blackmore had done some duff gigs but a few brilliant ones and that pepped us up somewhat. The magazine subscriptions had to rise, to the princely sum of 3.00! We were at last able to mail out our second t-shirt design, having had a six month battle with the suppliers which ended in court action. We were also able to offer our first big poster of Mk 2 for the amazing price of 50p + postage as well as our first stab at the lyrics for "Teaser". To help keep costs down we litho printed the last six sides of the 16 page issue, but the rest was still photocopied. I managed to run a few more piccies for the mag off in the darkroom where I was then working (the Peak National Park Study Centre) but funding for my position (graphic designer) had run out and I was heading for another spell on the dole. Still, no more getting up at 6.30am to make the one bus a morning into Derbyshire! It wasn't all bad news though as they liked my work enough to get me to carry on in a freelance capacity - so I was now self-employed for the first time.
NEWS : 1979-1980 Tour News
LIVE REVIEW : Wembley Arena
RECORD REVIEW : All Night Long (single)
LIVE REVIEW : Rainbow Theatre, London
NEWS : Touring & Recording
WHITESNAKE NEWS: Record & Tour News


Down To Earth - Tour Report

Rainbow toured the USA as support for Blue Oyster Cult in Sept / Oct, then headlined in December to boost album sales. January was time for a lay-off, and Cozy took the chance to promote his solo album with radio and tv appearances in the UK. On January 16th the band reassembled in Sweden for rehearsals, played two shows there, then visited Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. Backstage in Munich it appears that David Coverdale tried to make up with Ritchie, who apparently floored him instead! The UK tour arrangements were completely mucked up. Newcastle sold out both nights in three hours. In Manchester people were told that tickets would go on sale on Sunday, then they proceeded to sell out on Saturday, leaving 250 sods queuing all night for nothing. Ian Gillan was apparently due to jam during the encore at Wembley's first night, but in the end Ritchie didn't do an encore...

Wembley Arena, 29th February 1980 - Live Review

"Never have two consecutive nights been so dissinilar. Friday suffering from inaudible guitar, and overblown keyboard solos. Saturday the opposite, ear-splitting guitar and much shortened jobs on the ivories! Despite the faults on Friday, Ritchie seemed to be playing well, but somehow I knew they weren't going to do an encore. I don't pretend to know why the crowd then smashed the place up, but I guess it was because Rainbow built the crowd up, then let them down again so suddenly. They'd only played for 70 minutes, even the support group did two encores." Mike Davies.

No, I don't know why he did it either, press comments included "he'd only gone for a pee!"

All Night Long - Single Review

The A-side is a remix and edit of the album track. The sleeve is a publicity shot from the USA in September 1979. The B-side 'Weiss Heim' was recorded in Copenhagen on January 19th 1980. A simple instumental, with intricate keyboard backing, and a rich deep guitar tone that can really work wonders if you're in a receptive mood. The master must have been whisked back to the UK, and the single was in the shops on February 1st. Amazing. The promo video was shot in the studio at the same time as 'Since You Been Gone', intercut with footage of a girl dancer. Then later on, footage from New York and Stockholm was cut in to replace the dancer, and create the illusion it was all live.


Rainbow Theatre, 10th March 1980 - Live Review

"Although Ian was suffering from end-of-tour-sore-throat, he seemed to improve as the gig progressed. 'Abbey of Thelema', my favourite, was spoiled by idiots shouting for 'Roller' during the flute bit. The place exploded when this number appeared, I was surprised by how popular it seemed. I shouted for 'Lucille' at encore time. They came back, and did guess what? Also, Ian's friend Mr.R.Blackmore slunk on stage to play, just standing near the amps while Torme was bouncing all over the stage. 'High School Hop' carried the encore on til we were all knackered." Janet Bunker

Touring & Recording

Gillan toured Germany in February, which included a live radio broadcast from Muehldorf on the 26th. They then toured the uk in March, a lot of dates clashing with Rainbow concerts. There was supposed to be a tie-in single, Acrobat had problems though which prevented them getting any discs out. Around March 23rd/24th the band re-recorded 'Sleeping On The Job' for an a-side. April has been set aside for them to record the new studio album.


Record & Tour News

With Rainbow and Gillan only just gone, Whitesnake prepare to zap back into action soon. The band spent most of December 1979 laying down a new studio album, the first with Paice, due to be released in June. A UK tour will last most of the same month, and people in London will get an extra treat with a one-off at the Rainbow Theatre on April 2nd. The conquest of Japan will also take place in April. To pave the way for it, the live album went out there in March. It's a single album, titled "Whitesnake Live - Hammersmith Odeon". It was recorded in November 1978, and three of the six tracks have already appeared here as b-sides. The gig is hopelessly outdated in terms of Whitesnake, who are really a different band now, such is the change wrought by Paicey. Bernie Marsden's solo album "And About Time Too" also came out in Japan in March. Micky Moody teamed up with John Coghlan's part-time band Diesel for a few UK dates at the end of March.

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