Newsletter Three, Jan./Feb. 1976

Newsletter Three reprised the layout of no.2, heavily litho printed with solid black ink, a smell I'm still addicted to. The (now unavailable) info sheet was on Blackmore's time with Heinz but news on Ritchie was still nigh on impossible to come by, despite us having over 100 members by now including some in America. We'd also been officially recognised by Oyster Records (not that it did us much good, all they ever sent us was fan mail for the band which I sent on at our expense for a time) and the idea of making this a Rainbow / Deep Purple club was mooted on the back page. The newsletter was still being typed on anything we could scrounge with late news hand written at the last minute. I can remember a real cheap portable I had for some time which needed each key to be clobbered to get a reasonable image. Money had been spent on a great A3 b/w poster of Ritchie circa 1974 which was going for 25p plus postage at 6p! I can remember me and Ann sitting up late in her halls of residence rolling them into tubes to mail out... (without inhaling).

Fan Clubs

Appreciation Societies and Fan Clubs

The two guys who struggled to cope with the weight of the Deep Purple fan club have finally admitted defeat and are winding it up. I feel it's a pity that no club exists for fans of earlier line-ups, and I've begun to think about covering Deep Purple subjects with which Ritchie was involved - ie. everything up to April 1975. It would be nice to call this a joint Rainbow / Deep Purple fan club then. I've also been in touch with Purple fan-clubs in Japan and Holland.


Single Releases

On the record scene, 'Child in Time' is out in parts of Europe as an EP, with 'Fireball' and 'Smoke..' on the other side.

Rainbow supposedly have a new single out now, 'Man On The Silver Mountain' OYR 3.

From The Butterfly Ball comes the non-album 'Little Chalk Blue' PUR 128, with Roger Glover on.

Deep Purple will be issuing 'You Keep On Moving' as a taster for the album. Chatting on Radio Luxembourg recently, Ian Paice said that he rated the song as the classic number off the album.

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